Food Fed Feeding

There is food for the mind; food for thought; food for the body; and spiritual nourishment. We can digest information or experience, the latter being food for our growth as an individual. Food can represent any of these. Something we might take or are taking into ourselves – such as experience of a relationship – qualities of another person – sexual pleasure – social pleasure, or warning about health in regard to what is eaten.

Taking in food is taking in the source of energy and life experience, and the action of Life within us desires as wide a range of food life experience as we can manage.

Begging for food can also represent the personal “hold” on people and relationships. This is holding onto people, because one “feeds” on the security they bring. Not taking one’s own food is to let go of people and the warmth and support they give.

A meal: Taking in life experience. Absorbing something of life and the world, being enriched. If you are with others, then it might reflect something about the way you relate socially to others. It could also be a sharing of life and experience with others.

But a meal is often a way to take in or restore our energy.

Sharing a meal: Sharing sustenance with others. In the ritual of the mass, it shows the recognition of sharing life with all others – being sustained by the flow of life as substance and energy.

Being sick from eating something: See: vomit.

Eating too much: If you have a stomach or abdomen that protrudes it shows you are eating to much and it is not healthy.  Try not eating for one or two days a week. See fasting

Food in connection with a particular person: Being nourished by or hungry for relationship with them; enjoyment of sexuality with them.

Frequent dreams about eating: Suggesting a great hunger for something; perhaps a compensation for dieting or problems with eating.

Giving food: Giving of oneself, time, love, work, sex.

Stealing food: Dishonest about needs in a relationship; feelings of being a parasite.

Not having enough food: A real need for some sort of nourishment. It could be for mental, emotional or physical needs. It could relate to childhood needs of not getting enough – mother’s breast, attention, love.

apple Temptation and the Garden of Eden. This links it with the fruits of ones action, or the consequences of action, the fruit of ones labour; pleasure; food or sustenance. See Adam and Eve

biscuit Pleasure, perhaps connected with childhood. If you are making the biscuits, it might suggest caring for your own needs or those of other people.

bread Experience; everyday life.

Given slice of bread: Offering sex; generosity.

cake Sensual enjoyment or hunger for sweet things.

carrot Sometimes represents the penis. It can also depict what you have to pull out of yourself through hard work, or ‘digging’. Promise of reward, as used with Donkey.

fruits Fruits of experience or effort and what emerges from them.

Soft or luscious fruits such as fig or peach: May represent female genitals, something soft, sweet and luscious – an enjoyable sensation or experience.

Long fruit such as banana: See Banana

Apple: Temptation; breast; healthy food.

Grapes: Because grapes can be used to make alcohol, they often have a special significance, and are a very ancient cultural symbol. They depict fruitfulness, fertility, but perhaps fruitfulness of a spiritual kind. So a woman dreaming of them, especially near her belly can assume she is pregnant. But they also signify pleasures of the world, drinking, sex, wealth, and conversely, in Christianity they signify the blood of Christ. That means the essence of human experience. The collective human wisdom. See grapes

Lemon: Possibly symbolises the feelings of bitterness, sourness. In some nations the lemon also has strong associations with health, so it might show a suggestion to use for your health.

Pineapple: Fruitfulness of soul. Quality or royalty. Self confidence. Prickly exterior.

jam In a mess, a sticky situation. Conserved ideas. Fruits of labour. Pleasure, perhaps childhood pleasure or feelings.

jelly or jello Childhood pleasure/needs. Indecision through anxiety; feeling uncertain about oneself perhaps through lacking a firm identity; something difficult to grasp or feel certain about; potential that can be shaped by one motivations and decisions.

Jelly can also be associated with parties, fun, the jelly of breasts. Sometimes jelly  is used in scary or troubling dreams. Also your legs can turn to jelly, meaning that a shock has led you to lose strength and feel insecure.

Eating jelly: Taking in feelings of uncertainty or something that can be shaped, something that has potential. Enjoying a party feeling.

Example: There is silence so deep it is a physical presence – as though the room is filled with transparent jelly.

Example: I am seeking to know what is a man. I can’t deflate it, I can’t destroy it (what) Mum and Dad are. My heritage is felt as all my left side like jelly, (anxieties) how can I shape all of this, in my body?

meals Social pleasure; acceptance; social intercourse.

If alone: Independence; loss of family ties; lack of social relationships or outside stimulus.

meat – See meat

milk See milk

Nuts See nuts

olive See olive


salad See salad


sweets See sweets

vegetables Basic needs; material satisfaction.

If long as carrot: Male sexuality. If a woman’s dream – feelings about sex with male. If male dream – his own sexuality.

Onion: Something to cry about; also the different layers of oneself – inner self, outer self.

See: eating; restaurant; Techniques for Exploring your Dreams



-aby 2013-03-08 6:04:40

I had a dream, were I was eatn fried rice n meat, and dere was a guy in d room wit me, so I left d food dere to go attend to other tins, and wen I cm bk, he had finishd d rice n left d meat for me, so I took d meat and returnd it bak into d pot…wat could it mean

-Fish 2012-06-26 4:07:07

I dreamed that i was selling milk shakes and cereals and yougourt in the night in a dangerous neighborhood with my girlfriend, actually i was giving that food to prostitutes, very poor prostitute,s and i felt that i was satisfied with that job. Is, maybe, a reconciliation with the shadow of the female?

-apee 2011-09-10 16:44:17

What about not having enough food???

    -Tony Crisp 2011-10-10 14:11:26

    Apee – You need to ask yourself what you are longing for. Sometimes such longings we hide from ourselves until we sincerely ask what are you hungry for.

    It could be a real need for some sort of nourishment. It could be for mental, emotional or physical needs. It could relate to childhood needs of not getting enough – mother’s breast, attention, love. So see what fits your feelings.


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