Super Minds is a series of true life stories of weird and wonderful minds. Like the man who could remember EVERYTHING that ever happened to him, or the extraordinary abilities of the boy brought up by WOLVES.

Or the girl who could read her friends’ MINDS and the man who could suddenly speak foreign languages NEVER having learnt them! But that’s not all! YOU have an amazing mind too, and this book shows you how to make the most of its hidden powers!

You can read the whole thing here on this site, by clicking on the Chapter headings – or if you wish you can buy the book. It is avaialable from Amazon UK or Amazon USA. Also from Barnes and Noble


Chapter 1 – The Weird and Wonderful Brain

Chapter 2 – The Man Who Remembered Everything

Chapter 3 – Edgar Cayce and the Cosmic Mind

Chapter 4 – Ramana Maharshi

Chapter 5 – Eileen Garrett –  Psychic

Chapter 6 – Hadad – The Rogue Yogi

Chapter 7 – Sai Baba of Shirdi

Chapter 8 – Schermann –  Graphologist Extraordinaire

Chapter 9 – Journey through the Mind – Jesse’s Experience of Madness

 Chapter 10 – Pak Subuh – God’s Chosen People

Chapter 11 – Padre Pio –  Modern Saint

Chapter 12 – Evelyn’s Divining Adventures

Chapter 13 – A Journey Through Deaths Wonders

Chapter 14 – Animal Children

Chapter 15 – Helen Keller — The Sighted Blind

Chapter 16 – George Washington Carver –  From Slave to Genius

Chapter 17 – I Died – But I’m Alive

Chapter 18 – The Genius of Rudolph Steiner

Chapter 19 – Meetings With The Christ

Chapter 20 – An Astonishing Death Experience

Chapter 1 8 – Wonders of Your Mind





-Lorraine 2017-07-06 22:40:16

I had a dream of levitating last nite… but I was terrified… d dream was circa d Yorkshire riper nd a gang who was functioning at dat time… is this the devil?

-ranjita 2011-12-25 1:45:30


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