This is about your natural feelings, the self you are underneath what you may express in your daily life. It is the magical world of the unconscious, full as it is of strange forces, primeval creatures and miraculous people.

I dreamt I was walking in the streets of a tree-lined suburb. It was dark and I felt like a creature of the dark, and avoided the few people. I was now a dark skinned, nearly naked youth or man, and trotted down a forest track away from the houses, back to my “home”, the forest.

If you are in or exploring the forest it shows you becoming aware of the level of yourself that is usually drowned out by your daily life or civilized activities. You will be more aware of meeting your internal animals. This is the country of dreams and the unconscious. In the forest you are in touch with the forces and wisdom of Life.

In Dante’s Paradise, He describes the first scene as him being lost in a forest, and that is his entry into the  unconscious.

See: Animal; Brain levels; Jungle; Tree.

Useful questions:

Am I afraid or lost in meeting this natural part of me, or do I feel at home?

Do I meet anyone or anything in the forest, and if so what happens?

What am I learning or doing in connection with the forest?


-Erika Denice Patajo 2014-06-19 0:09:51

Hi! I would like to ask regarding the meaning of my dream. I dreamed of it for twice or thrice already. I dreamed of walking on a maze, but I know the path that I’m going to our house. And when I’m almost at my house I always see a goat or a deer. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

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