This Is The Time Of The Quickening

While in France with a friend Dina Gloubermann, she asked me many questions asking me if I could find answers intuitively. One day she asked me to simply write what came. Here is the result.


Many of you have been waiting for this since you were children. All that time there has lived within you an empty place that has not been filled by the pastimes that life has offered. Nor has it been given light by the words emerging from temples and churches. For it was not for those you were born or waiting, and although the sense of that empty place never left you, and scraps of knowing arose in your thoughts, yet it was never clearly spoken.

But now the time comes when the mists will clear from your mind and you will see who you are and what your birth meant. You will understand that we have passed through dark times. Not the darkness of night, but the darkness that obscures the light shining in the central temple of each man and woman. In that darkness we have not seen ourselves clearly, nor known each other for who we are. Like weeds that block rivers the darkness has clogged the flow of memories and life in us and left us weak of spirit.


Now the sun rises above the horizon of our soul, bringing power to what could not grow and flower in the darkness. As the light increases, new horizons can be seen as we emerge from the drear caves of the mind we have been dwelling in. For the Earth, and we children of Earth who travel through time and space with it, are part of all that moves and changes in the cosmos. New seasons arrive in that journey the Earth and Sun make through the tides and energies of space. They are seasons that bring great change, not only to our lands, but also to all we have built in the darkness. The earth and all that cities hold will be shaken by those changes, revealing their weakness.

Shaken and tested too will be the quality of our soul, and the foundations we have built upon. If those foundations have no reality in the wider life of the spirit, then it will seem to us that we are being swept away in the tides that now beat upon the shores of our existence. Yet the tides are not a destructive force that acts upon us. They are the energies of spring, bringing the possibility of new growth. The only destruction is of shells we have formed from last season’s growth that are now too small and must be left behind. And if you identify with the shell of the past, if you believe it is your home and your security in a changing world, then you have misunderstood who you are. For you are not the shell of your body, or even the decorations of the mind and its beliefs. You are the formless spirit of life that gave that shell its shape and beauty. Only in that spirit of life is there any security. And that spirit is like the wind, you can feel it and it moves you, yet you can never hold it in your hand and posses it.

Strange as it may be, the world that appears so solid and upon which you may build your security, all passes away. Look back into the past and witness for yourself. That which has no form, yet out of which all form and life emerge, has always been and will remain. There is the foundation upon which to build your identity to meet the spring of change.

Somewhere in the depths of your being, in the storehouse of experience, you know these things. So what is being said is not to teach you, only to stir your own wisdom. For spring tides uncover what the silt of other days have concealed. So will this spring, that is the quickening, uncover in you things you had forgotten. Walls will crumble that have long restrained you. Roofs will be opened to the sky, revealing rooms that had been built around and forgotten in the passage of generations. Like a tomb of ancient times now exposed, treasures and wisdom of the long past will be in your hands once more. Memories will rise like bubbles from the sea bed; remembrances at last will come of your long journey to these dark times.

That is when the awakening will happen; and you will recall the impulse long ago that set you on this venture, and in the recollection know the part you aimed to play in these times of great renewal. Then you will stand again in the garments spirit clothed you in.

Somewhere in all these swirling worlds and stars you have a home, and that home is neither in the body nor out of it. You have that home now, but if you are not aware of being there it is because the door of your dwelling has been closed, bricked over, or made so small you cannot enter, and what is within cannot come to you. There were times when even children knew their home. In those days the body, shell as it is, was an open doorway. Even now, though your doorway may be impassable, there are within you clusters of cells that are the remnants of those past times. As with your true home, they are neither completely of your body, nor of other realms. Being both they are body vibrating, as the ear does, to those dimension of you that are not of their own substance. They, like so many things, may have been silted over with the falling dust of centuries. But with the quickening, that dust may be shaken loose, and by allowing the great rivers of life to flow through you, the beautiful eyes, ears and fingers of your spirit can be washed clean.

There may be pain in this, for being able to see and feel again in the light may reveal sores and wounds previously hidden and unfelt. Be patient. Let love flow as fully as you can. Let power move through you, and the wisdom arising from your opening eyes and ears be given where it is sought. For these are the waters that cleanse and renew. Not the love that attempts to posses another. Not the power that turns others in the direction of your will. Not wisdom used to boost your own welfare. Those bind the door to your home even more firmly. The rivers that cleanse are those that give freedom to others; that help them open the door to their own home, and enable them to find the love that heals and makes whole.


There is also a loving pain of the heart, which if allowed to burn and felt as worship might be, washes through us like summer rain, clearing the dry river beds of what has blocked them. The pain of such love is the cloaked figure of wisdom, telling us where love has been torn or seeks to find itself in another. Shared love is a great blessing. Love that believes it is only satisfied in another’s arms only takes you further into the pathway of thorns and misery.

As a creature of earth the river of love flows naturally out of the region of the body given to generating new life. If it is only spent in that way the energy of love flows back to the earth, as lightning from the sky pours back into the ground. But if even a measure of love flows upwards and not back to the earth, its creative force becomes a body of another kind. A body that is neither of this earth nor foreign to it takes shape. The senses of the spirit are woken from their sleep. Life flows through them and they inform you.

There are two great gateways in that body that correspond to the crown of the head and the base of the trunk in the earthy body. When the door to your home is blocked, those gateways are locked too. Those are the gates through which the Great Life flows. And although there is only one Great Life there are two streams flowing from it. That rising like a spring out of the earth brings with it the infinite potential of what can grow and flower in you. Some have given it the image of a snake rising through the body as the gateway is opened. But it is really the river of life as it takes form, and it can take any shape, and give life to whatever you lead it to.

Somewhere, deep below the surface of your waking mind, this stream of life starts its flow. In underground caverns of it moves through channels formed in ancient times, bringing life to all those tiny lives that, separate or in unity, form the shell you call your body.

Remember, for it is one of the greatest truths, that the waters flowing through that gate are the very spirit of the Great Life, the spirit that some have called Creator of the Worlds. Out of it the stars and multitude of life forms have arisen. Within the universe of yourself you are a young god or goddess playing at creation with the stuff of life. Whatever thought or feeling, longing or emotion you harbour takes form, and is given life, beautiful or awful as it might be. And when you do not own that power, when you push back any part of that flow into the dark caverns of your mind, where fears and wounds, black angers or unspent vengeance lurk in shadows, they are given life. They grow strong until they wrestle with you, invade the living tissues of your body with their sickness, or burst out into the world as action.

Cleansing those caverns of their dark creatures is the work of heroes and heroines – and all of us are called to that work now in the quickening. For those great sewers, when even children knew their home, were once the pure rivers of the Great Life in us, and must now be flushed with living sparkling waters. So many miserable creatures with half life, so many monsters of hate and pain have been formed in those caverns in the time of darkness. So much stagnant waters of life are held within us, there is work to do that cannot be done with closed eyes, for we must see and know what we have done or been done to us. How many children have been imprisoned in those sewers, how many lives are there to be set free? How many are there even now emerging from darkness needing a hand and words to help them step into the light of life?

Rats live in those sewers, and are the form betrayed love has taken. Misshapen forms of people are what has become of the denied life, the murdered love, the great inspirations never allowed to be. There too, in great pools, or fouling the walls of those great caverns, is the stinking dross created by the deadly emotions of anger, malice, envy and fear.



Look upon them and weep. Shed tears and feel the sorrow, for we were once the channels through which ran great rivers of cosmic and holy energies to enliven and bring forth the beauty and possibility of wondrous life on earth. And what you find as that great gate is opened to the flow of living waters once more is your own sunken past, yours and all humanity. All, except for some bright shining ones who kept the faith, remained clean channels to the flow, through all our time in the darkness we created.

For we are the prodigal child who must now rise up and return, and in doing so cleanse our house, that we might again become worthy of the godlike status of creators.


The gateway of the crown is yet another wonder. Through this flows our contact with all that has been lifted up into the universal from the river rising from the earth. Through this we know the ancestors and their blessings. Open this gate and hear the music of all times, or know the wisdom of anyone whose heart and mind have taken wing toward the stars. Kneel before this gate, for through it into your life come those beings whose very presence brings love so profound as to be like a wind shaking all that you are. These are beings who are the forming forces of the world around us, parents and protectors of us, whose very body is the air and water, the sky and sun. In this way you will know that all around us has awareness, has life, and through even rocks flow the blood and love of the one Great Life. Wherever you look when you walk beyond this gate you find intelligence and intelligences. The whole cosmos is alive and ready to communicate with you. Everything fulfils a place and action in the scheme of things. All work and intermingle one with another.

Each gate has three keys – Love, Wisdom and Power. Learning how to turn these keys is your life lesson. Even when you have opened one of these gates fractionally you will know it. The sparkling river of the gate will flood your being, cleansing will begin and you will shake like a leaf trembling in the wind. With the cleansing comes the return of memory, the lost years, the forgotten childhood, the life you lead in sleep. Returning too will come the joy, the weeping, as you know your life in eternity. Here flows the river that runs through all time and even beyond time. This is the river of the life your spirit has lived in every age, in every situation.

As these gates are opened what you believe to be yourself will die. It is a self made of driftwood and pieces of discarded scrap that you hastily put together to clothe your nakedness from having no home. Yet even though it is really a lifeless thing, formed from the information you believed to be true about who you are, you will be deeply attached to it. To feel it dying will seem to you that it is the death of yourself. Seeing the clothes you have cast off, the hair cut from and falling away from you head may enliven this vision of your dead body. You may see a shell you have cast off like the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Whenever it is possible, leave that body lying there and accept the new life entering you.

The old body, and what you knew through it, was bound to forms and fixed values. It still carried the dark fears, malformed creations and unredeemed passions of a purely physical life. Unless you had opened a window in you through art or music, your inner world may have been drab and without colour or movement. Limitations held you prisoner, the bars of that prison formed from what you believed was true in the world of concrete objects. The new body that grows is as subtle as thoughts, as shifting and colourful as vibrant imagination. It can move through, learn from and play in the many dimensions you are native to.

The wider, more colourful, ever moving world of your new body opens understanding your old self could never encompass, locked and limited as it was in its dark shapes, rigid conceptions and ghost of the past. But now, with a body that leaps beyond those limitations, a body that slips into and knows whatsoever it looks upon, that moves in and out of time, sweeping through what has gone and what is coming into being, an ocean or a speck of living joyful consciousness, A body of love that shares life with all things, power that creates and moves, and wisdom that understands the connections and essence of what is touched, there can be no boundaries, nothing that cannot be explored, created or loved.

The old body was so rigid, so much an heir to aches and pains, illnesses and moods. The new body is fluid and moving like the wind and tides, part of the ebbs and flows of the cosmic being.

There was a time, in the long past, near the beginning of things, when there was no light and no life. Neither was there time or space. Then light and darkness separated. Time began and space unfolded. Those are the dimensions in which the old body lives in – time and space, light and dark, the emerging and disappearing of forms.

As difficult as it is to imagine, the new body being formed in the quickening, is of that existing before time and space, light and dark came into being. And this is the second coming and the resurrection, when a new being emerges out of the old, and a divine consciousness lives in the breast of women and men.

As the gate to the earth and the gate to the heavens open, the flow constructs a new type of human being; one who incarnates the highest and the lowest. Earth and sky, creature crawling on the ground or immersed in the sea, and divine being beyond forms, all in one. No separation between being and non-being, life and death, time and eternity.

There will be growing pains and uncertainties, as there are in childhood when we learn to walk and talk; scratched knees and banged heads. Stages are a part of everything that is growing. So, like any new plant or child, what is emerging is vulnerable and uncertain of its own power. As the old passes away the new may appear as intangible, a great loss, with no replacement for the old certainties. Eternity is a featureless land without goals or boundaries. From no beginning there is no end to move toward. Living the moment, aware of being all that can be, creator of your own existence in this instant now is challenging. Responsibility for so much can be a truth we try to avoid.

As with one who went this way before us, we may cry out, ‘Father. Father. Why have you forsaken me?’ For we are now called to be self responsible. That is the quickening, to become an adult in this incredible universe. The prompting is to wake up. Those great beings who have parented us, in our past have taught us in our sleeping state by facing us with trials reflecting our own actions. Not an eye for an eye, but certainly tragedies and hurts, sicknesses and pains befitting what we have done to others or ourselves in our journeys through time, shell to shell to shell. Now our eyes are being opened to more immediately face the consequences off the actions and energies we sow in the world and in the lives of others.

It is not open to us all to find our way through the darkness of our times. Only a few have already done this and now stand ready to guide others. Life is always uncertain. Even the outcome of our times hangs in the balance of how many will lend their strength to change the course of events.

There comes into the world now, children whose very nature bears witness to the needs humanity faces. It will be among them the great leaders will be found. Among them are the catalysts of action. Their seeds, in the wombs of mothers open to the Great Life, have already sprung to life, swell into growth and emerge to share life with us. The young will teach the old, for among them are great ones arriving to take part in these momentous times.

But we must not wait for them. We face the consequences of our own actions, and added to that comes the influx of power to this world that will shake us to our foundations, revealing what is strong as what is weak and sick is broken away. What is evil and sick in the world has in it the seeds of its own destruction, and the power of the quickening will enliven all strength and weakness, bringing to fruition what each holds as its essence.

Tomorrow a new dawn comes. New life, new opportunity, new directions can emerge. The old day that passes away enabled the desires and power of the few to be fulfilled, and the poverty of the many to be ignored. Another of the great truths is that seasons roll forever on in perpetual change. A pendulum swings one way and then another. At the end of each swing there is an apparent stillness, and then a completely opposite direction is taken.

So also, in the long history of worlds, events appear to be running on forever in one direction, only to reach turning points reversing the one sided movement. In that way balance is kept. The heavens roll too, and new influences come to bear, changing the very nature of things. In one season water is solid and immovable. Then, as that season passes away another emerges, and the water is now fluid and flowing, changing the world.

Into these changes there emerges the life and love that has lain in the hearts of many as longings. What remains unanswered in the souls of many becomes a silent power, and this power moves toward its needs and longings. So it is at the moment. The crushed hopes and needs of so many are taking form in an immense form, struggling against those who have held power over the mind and body of millions. And although mighty with the new energies pouring to the earth, this is not a destructive power. It does not lead men and women to run wild in the streets and tear people and places apart as has happened in the past when the might of the common people was asserted against the injustice of those who ruled them.

Nevertheless, there are mighty forces flowing, and we as individuals and collectively are channels for this energy of change. So open your gates to these rivers that transform and bring changes. Allow yourself to become new beings.

There is no great secret as to how the gates are opened, though to maintain your heart and mind in shackles many have spread confusion, so they could act as leader or take power over you. The keys to unlock your Love, Wisdom and Power are these:

There is no sin you are guilty of that you need grovel to a god who judges and condemns. Mistakes there may be, even a multitude of them. Such mistakes may have been those you made in the way you lived or treated others. Even your ancestors, whose lives helped form your body, may have left you a heritage of mistakes that you carry as the condition of your body or of your mind and feelings. They are your burden, a burden only you are responsible for. No one but you carries them, suffers them or will judge you for them.

The key to love is to love

Here no more arose……

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That was beautiful. I hope you are right, my friend.

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good for you

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