The process of life; flow of consciousness into awareness; joy of collective life. A fountain of joy opened in my body, pouring upwards through me.

A symbol of emotions and of the unconscious-water-and combined with the elements of air and light, symbolizing a highly controlled and intellectualized examination of the self. Fountains are also symbols of nourishment (the fountain of life) and eternal life (the fountain of youth).

Our emotions, especially joy or love, often feel as if they move through us, flowing, and the fountain in a dream can illustrate this. In this way the fountain shows how life flows from hidden or unconscious sources and arises into awareness and feelings such as joy.

Drinking from and bathing in: From unconsciousness we become self aware. That is a miraculous process that we see in all living forms around us, and bathing in the fountain or drinking from it shows you opening yourself to the influence of that wondrous flow of life and its mysteries. Because some fountains and spring have never ceased to flow, they are also linked with eternal life – the life that has brought you out of non-existence and wakes you each day. It points to the life that lies behind your personal existence, or is the essence of you. It I suggests health and happiness.

A broken or blocked fountain: This suggests you need to take care of your health as life is not flowing through you as it should.


Useful questions and hints:

What am I feeling in connection with the fountain?

If I drink from it or bathe in it what happens?

Is the fountain clear or blocked?

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