This usually relates to what you are aware of, and what other people can see, about yourself or what you are doing. This is so whether it is the front of a house, a car, or yourself. It is the ‘front’ or facade you use to meet other people and events with. It is also the part of yourself that takes most of the impact of relationships and events.

When the term ‘the part of yourself’ is used, it means those personal traits, attitudes or skills you use. A person may be aggressive in business deals, but this might be something he or she has to use to cope with what is necessary in business. So it is only a ‘part’ of their nature, perhaps a ‘front’.

Front of body, house, etc.: The more public or expressed or exposed part of one’s nature, or attitudes used to meet ‘the world’. Also a ‘front’ or facade, used to create an impression; the point of stress where we as a person contact others and meet impacts, and so are more vulnerable.

Sometimes, as with the front of a car, or the front door of a house, especially if bonnet or door is being opened, it can link with sexual feelings. Something in front of you shows you being confronted by whatever it is, or it is becoming a more conscious part of your experience. See: Back.

But the front door if it is someone there is is probably about a new experience or person that is comng into your life.

Example: I was looking at my bookcase and remembered that Tim had commented that it didn’t look like I was a great reader. As I thought this I wanted him to know that what was seen on the bookcase was only the front row of books, and there were a lot more behind them.

This dream clearly shows how the woman has a lot more depth than her first impressions give. It is obviously telling her not to be put down by her man friends comment.

Example: I was on an unpaved road with an unseen companion. In front on my right was a steep hill road. It ascended through trees. As I looked I realised it was the road to the hospital where I had experienced such trauma as a three year old, and in which I had my tonsils out – both. I explained to my companion that the road used to be almost impassable, but it was now widened and tarmaced. I felt a sense of an awful past as I looked at the road. Then I was standing on the edge of a precipice or cliff. My wife was about four yards away near the road. I stepped in an area of soft earth. It gave beneath my weight and I sank up to my waist. I realised the cliff edge was unstable and the whole area would fall. I was sinking and shouting to her to help me. She was gaily walking about and made light of my call for help. I cried out again. Still she ignored me. I shouted again for her help. She took no notice and I sank deeper, the ground gave way and I fell to my death.

The front in this dream refers to what he is now facing, as is explained in the following: “I explored this dream with a friend. It was about the effects or attitudes of being left in the hospital by my mother. Mainly that I feel nobody – the woman I love – will come to my help in a crisis. So deep down, because my mother could apparently leave me in a hospital at three, I do not trust anybody – maybe not even myself. If you cannot trust your mother, who can you trust? I have transferred this mistrust to her also. Likewise, for reasons of her own, she doesn’t trust me.

I felt an area of hurt feelings in me to do with trusting nobody. Gradually the feelings melted into gentle feelings of need for others. I needed to be held sometimes. I need the stimulation and variety of other people’s company. I need some involvement from others in what I do with my life. I also feel the pleasure of having something that others wish to share. I realised how wonderful it is to have found something in myself that can contact and integrate the various aspects of my nature, such as my painful experiences, my sexuality, the highest in me, and so on. I want to share the ability to experience oneself so widely with others.”

Idioms: A lot of front; in front of; putting up a good front.

Useful questions and hints:

What is it that I am aware of that the dream brings more fully to my attention?

Whatever this front is, what is it expressing?

What is this the front of, and what does that suggest?

See Background and foregroundBackgroundTechniques for Exploring your Dreams

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