Frog Frogs

Any amphibian and reptile depicts your basic spinal and lower brain reactions, such as fight or flight, reproduction, attraction or repulsion, sex drive, need for food and reaction to pain. This includes the fundamental evolutionary ability to change and the urge to survive – very powerful and ancient processes. Your relationship with the amphibian in your dreams depicts how you deal with such urges in you, and how you deal with the impulses from the ancient part of your brain – probably the spinal brain. (Thanks Melissa).

The deeply unconscious psychobiological life processes, that transformed us from a tadpole/sperm, into an air breathing frog/adult – therefore the process of life in general and its wisdom. The enormous information such symbols hold if we explore them gives them their power. It can also suggest a meeting with what we find difficult or repulsive in life and ourselves, that if we can accept it transforms into personal potential and power – the frog into the prince story. It is often a form of love that transforms the dark sides of oneself, the toad or beast, into something that is life enhancing. It can also be sub-personality, an aspect of ones character that is usually unconscious, but occasionally shows itself in behaviour.

The frog has also been associated with the power of resurrection and renewal.

Frogs spawn: Sperm, ovum and reproduction. It can also occasionally show as a doorway to another dimension. See: sub-personalityAutonomous Complex

Example: I felt close to a woman, and we were holding hands. Together we walked into a large building. I believe my woman companion had been in the place before. I say this because I was feeling slightly uncertain and she was feeling confident and supportive.

Inside the front door of the building was a wide passageway probably about 15 or 20 feet wide. Not far along this passage something completely filled the space ahead. It looked like frogs spawn, but much more ethereal, perhaps like patterns of energy with just a little material substance. With no real hesitation the woman and I walked into this wall of energy. I believe we knew more or less what would happen – that we would be absorbed and become wholly a part of this life form. As we walked into it I was trying to analyse what was happening and what it felt like. I lost all sense of my body as a dense form, but I could still feel my partner’s hand in mine in a very delicate way – again like energy playing upon energy

It can also relates to being a little frog in a big pond, or pointing our that like frogs, you are  jumping from one thing to another, or perhaps moving forward in leaps and bounds.

Frogs were linked with the Egyptian frog goddess Heket. It was associated with the flooding of the Nile. The association was made because when the Nile left its riverbed, millions of tiny frogs also appeared. So frogs represented abundant life and fertility to the Egyptians. An image of the goddess was worn by pregnant women as a talisman for a safe birth.

The frog and the princess who aids the frog to transform in a prince are about the power of transformation in our inner world. The things we despise or avoid are often – in our dream world – the things that have wonderful qualities of transformation.

Because frogs lay a mass of eggs they are symbols of fertility. This can represent the creativity you have unconsciously, or sometimes it is dreamt when a woman is pregnant.

We have a brain in us that is there because of our evolutionary history as a reptile.  See Reptilian Brain. Perhaps because of that Joseph Campbell felt that the frog is another example of the dragon and other frightening monsters whose role in mythology is to guard treasure. The reptile/dragon represents the dark and frightening aspects of ones own nature; the huge instinctive feelings we usually resist or repress. The treasure is your Core Self, which enables one to attain real womanhood or manhood. That is why the frog has also been associated with the power of resurrection and renewal.

Useful questions and hints:

What deeper levels of my life process or of survival drives am I becoming aware of?

Is there something of myself I am repulsed by and yet could be transformed?

Do I still need to emerge from dependence into a fuller maturity?

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-Ankita Jaiswal 2018-04-26 10:16:28

hiya i had a dream that there was 2 frogs eyes in my arm and when i scratched them my arm opened up and loads of frogs fell out ,do you no what it means

-Faith 2017-07-12 13:02:43

I had a dream where i was given this baby frog. A man with authority such as a father though he was not my father. This man asked me to care for this young frog. He said it was too young and not ready and will die if i didn’t follow his direction. I took off my clothes got in a bath tub with the man and my brother watching. I took the frog and carefully following the man’s directions I inserted the baby frog backwards into my vagina. When the frog was safely inside me the man was grateful and said the frog will be fine. I got out of the tub and began my day. I knew that I had hundreds of frogs growing inside of me. This made me feel excited and happy.

-Carolyn 2017-05-18 18:26:46

In my dream, I boiled the frog in a big pot with some other stuff-clams and crabs. I decided it was gross and asked my husband to remove the frog so he thew it out in the back yard.

-nameeta 2016-11-06 14:06:58

In my dream I saw lots of frogs/toads trying to enter in my home.Through the main door almost of them were in and I was trying to stop them.With a help of a broom I was constantly sweeping them out but again and again they all used to enter my house and I also saw my parents, my father was standing there doing nothing and after some time my mother started helping me.the frogs were very small in size almost of them were small only few were moderate no one was big, they were jumping on me and then two three snakes came in and started eating some of them(small ones) and the snakes were also small in size and then I woke up.

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