Games and Gambling

In some games there is real prizes like money, but in many there is the sense of success or feeling of defeat, so dreaming of games can indicate these. But in dreams, games are often used to represent life, where chances we take can have very direct connection with real events.

Such adult ‘games’ as making a record, developing a business, starting a job, bring us into direct interaction with the world, with an incredibly wide range of responses. Such games are extremely satisfying because of these interactions, but like racing driving, can be fatal because of their reality. What we do in our dream game will indicate how we are playing the ‘game’ of life. We may be playing recklessly, by the rules, skilfully, caringly etc. These indications can be seen as comments on our real life activities. Please read Dream as Computer Game.

Stances used to meet life; not taking life seriously – making a game of it; competitiveness; sense of winning or losing; team work; life skills. See: playing.

Particular games suggest different ‘stances’.

Ball games and athletics: Competitiveness; conflict within the dreamer – the two sides of oneself such as the winner or loser, the opposition and the home team. It could include a sense of win or lose, success failure, and of course the game of love.

Baseball: What we do in our dream game will indicate how we are playing the ‘game’ of life. We may be playing recklessly, by the rules, skillfully, caringly etc. These indications can be seen as comments on our real life activities. Professional players are also heroes for some people or a role model. If so what are you modelling your life on?

Cards and chess: Use of strategies and observation.

Computer games: In such games the person playing can get very involved in the game, so tha they feel as if they are facing real dangers, using real skill and facing awful odds. So in the dream you are exercising your life skills. Computer games as such that you can be killed or fail a thousand times and emerge none the worse. But if you learn the rules of the game of Life then you can go up the levels in this virtual reality world as well as in life.

Football matches, baseball, rugby: See football

These are generally the same as the above, but have another side to them. They also represent for many people the strong drive to identify with a tribe, a group. They are therefore ways the person gains identity and a sense of connection with people around them. In growing internationalism, such games may be of vital importance to maintaining a sense of identity within what may feel like being lost in a multitude.

Tennis Relationship and the sometimes battle for who is going to dominate that goes on in it; competition; the game people play in approaching sex, i.e. veiled remarks, casual telephone calls, verbal clues to readiness, etc.

Gambling: Taking risks with your life, health, family; work, money – whatever is indicated in dream.

Games like darts, billiards etc.: Your aims and ambitions; aiming at a goal and trying to achieve it; the difficulties of achievement.

Golf: Unless you are a caddy it suggest some sort of social level. It may suggest some skill and ability, and rewards if you are good at it.

Opponents: What you are meeting or in conflict with. This may be a part of your nature, such as self awareness, sexuality, even your body. You might be in conflict with life itself or ‘God’.

There are many games one can play like the  sexual game or the mating dance.

Example: Men in uniforms that are dresses, playing some game. Others just standing around. While I am watching, a man takes my arm, my hand and tells me what is going on. He then leads me back somewhere in the park and wrestles me to the ground trying to kiss me. I squirm away from him, saying I don’t want any of that homosexual junk. He is angry, thinking I had led him on, but he leaves. I also feel a little guilty, thinking that I should not have let him take my hand when he did so.

Idioms: Beat somebody at their own game; deep game; dirty game; fair game; game of chance; game to the end; give the game away; know what someone’s game is; mug’s game; name of the game; on the game; waiting game; game is up. See also: ball under shapes and symbols; doll; toy.


Useful questions and hints:

Am I a player or an observer?

What is the challenge here and how does that apply to my life situation?

What is happening here in regard to competition?

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