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This frequently represents yourself when you were a baby, or at least, your feelings when young. Many dreams including a doll show it being savagely beaten or injured. In this case it could show you how hurt you felt in your own childhood, or perhaps it means you are angry and need a target that will not hit back. Occasionally, in a woman’s dream it could mean you want to be cared for like a precious doll.

Many ‘doll’ dreams are, as the example, using the doll as a target for violence. This may refer to how the dreamer felt as a child when smacked or attacked emotionally – like a helpless doll.

It could also be a means of displacement for anger or feelings the dreamer would like to discharge on another. See also: toy; cuddly toy.

Example: ‘She continues to attack him and to my horror and feeling of helplessness, his head comes off. But the neck is made of some sort of material with a string hanging off it, and I realise it is a doll’s head.’ Mr R. H.

Many dolls are used to express a desire to have a baby.

Dolls can also express the way we feel about the past, or represent different people – Mum and Dad, brother or sister. We use them to act out or experience things we might not be able to do in daily life. Using a doll in the dream frees us from any guilt we might feel if we really expressed our real feelings.

Example: And then last night, I dreamt that I had really long hair, which I have had, but now it is shoulder length; and then I went to put it in a braid because it was all in the way, and easily tangled. Instead I cut it all off, unevenly… I looked like a bald Barbie doll, varying lengths of pieces sticking every which way, and a shiny bald spot on the front. But I wasn’t upset, just a bit confused why I cut it off, because I liked it long.

In the above dream the person had recently gone through a massive transformation and the dream shows her uncertainty of how she sees or feels about herself.

Sometime a desire to return to wonderful days of childhood or a part of you that needs to be brought to life.

Example: In answer to this rather truculent question the patient flared up. “You fool, how do you think I can give it to myself? Can I go back and make my parents rich? Can I take back the doll my sister stole; can I go to school without those awful holes in my dresses—ashamed, ashamed of everything I had and was? Oh, God, oh, God, it’s frozen in time, like a fly buried in amber, and nothing can ever change it. As long as I live that little girl will go on wearing her coat to hide her dresses. As long as I live that hateful woman will always be turning away, cold and disapproving. Nothing can save that girl, nothing!”—and now she ‘was sobbing quietly for the past she could not change.

The rupture between the patient’s ideal of herself and the facts that shattered it was eventually healed, but her dilemma points up a fact that all of us face. Reality can seldom be bent to our dreams for ourselves, either the reasonable ones or the unreasonable ones that could never possibly be achieved. Our hopes are too big for it. Every life bears its residue of unfulfilled dreams, and every parent looks to his children to satisfy them.

Example: I noticed a large rag doll on the floor. I seemed to know the doll belonged to Joan, and was unconsciously used as a substitute for her deep longing for a son. I held out my hand to the doll, with love, and it came alive and crawled to me. It came to me as a lonely child might come into ones arms hungering for love. I held it close to me, and Joan came over and I held her too. Then all barriers seemed to melt, and everything disappeared from view. All that existed was I as a united being and consciousness. It was, I think, beautiful. I used the word think, because I find it difficult to describe the experience. We melted into each other beyond the sense of being separated by the surface of ones skin If one literally entered during sexual intercourse, and melted together like drops of water uniting, this is how it would be.

Useful questions and hints:

In my dream what feelings are there connected with the doll?

In what way is the doll being handled or used.

What does the condition of the doll express?

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-Reina 2014-05-28 17:42:15

I had a dream the night my mom payed for my AG doll and I dreamt that she was a mini, and there was another doll who was not an AG doll cuz he was a boy and his eyes and mouth were wide open with a grim, scary smile that a clown would make, I got so scared I cried so my mom had to stictch his mouth shut while I was away…And the two dolls were then stitched together, legs stripped off!


    -Atanileksis 2014-12-14 1:40:51

    In my dream somebody was screaming for help. Nobody helped her, so i went there to see what is going on. At last i found the screamer. She was a doll. And i was like “oh what the, a doll, oh come on! She looks fine anyways..”

    I left the doll behind me because i was in a kind of hurry to go back, because i left keyes hanging from the door’s lock.

    The doll started following. And i knew she wanted to use me somehow. She had evil aura.
    Well i had enough when she came over the locked fence’s gate, still after me. So i turned back and started stabbing her with a hook.

    The doll tried avoid my hits. But soon she was in a pretty bad shape, after i did few critical bullseyes. Yeah! I though she was dying. But naw. The doll turned into worm-like-thing and attacked me. She had a mad skill to regenerate after she ate a bug from the ground.

    I wanted to wake up. So she win i think. Sadly a second before i woke, i had a nice idea that i was wielding 3 huge knives instead of the hook. And chopping her in to tiny tiny pieces. Like i would chop a garlic.

    I think i won’t forget the way how she was yelling for help. Breaking her voice.. Nobody else helped her.. Jeez. And maybe that doll symbols me when i was younger. This not nice. Im confused now.

    Well my life’s been maybe little tuff, and i still choose the hardest methods to live. And am not very emotional anymore because all the sad stuff i’ve had.
    Sorry, english isn’t my 1st language.


      -Tony Crisp 2014-12-14 10:15:26

      Atanileksis – Yes the doll is almost certainly your child memories that needs and is crying out for help. You attempts to kill her will never work because she is you and you are only causing yourself more pain. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

      I would suggest you take that doll and hold her lovingly until she becomes a living child. Of course it might wake your emotions again. You might think it is painful and you don’t want any more pain, but if you handle it well you will pass through it realising you have a new skill. It is better than the half life you live with its buried pain within you screaming out for help. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/



-MJ 2014-12-24 1:36:54

Last night I dreamt that as I was in my bed sleeping in the darkness, a babydoll started coming at me. I noticed there was a railing over my bed – like a crib. Then suddenly it was gone, and the baby was attacking me. I woke up kicking at it.


-Eva K 2015-01-26 14:31:02

I dreamt a few nights ago about a girl who got turned into a doll. She did it to herself, she had done something horrible and was to go to hell because of it. She asked her mother not to tell her younger sister, and to act like she was still alive. What I remember most about the dream is her just standing there, staring at me. She had straight black hair with bangs across her face. She had abnormally large, yellow eyes. She wore a light green dress that looked like an oversized tanktop. She looked kind of grotesque, her skin was a pallid blue-green, and there was a crack on her face. What keeps coming back to me, is she takes one of her eyes out, and sticks it in a door hinge.

My dreams are often very strange. Just thought I would share!


-Candice 2015-02-12 21:48:40

I am currently engaged to the love of my life. however last night I had a dream where I was in the hospital and had a c section. in my dream I was very confused. The baby seemed real at times and then it didnt. after I left the hospital I took the baby over to my ex boyfriends houae and when his mom aswered the door and I told her that this was her sons child she looked at my baby and even held my baby and then showed me pics of his other children and said my baby looked nothing like his other kids. Which by the way he only has one child and is only 2 months old and there is no way I couldve been prego by him anyway.. period. She handed my baby back to me and it still seemed real. Then I started feeling my babies legs as I was carrying it to the car. My babies legs were hard. I opened the blanket to find a baby doll unclothes with a soft white bodice and plastic arms legs and head. Mind you I fed the baby in my dream.. however I dont remeber chaning a diaper therefore I dont even know what sex my baby was. I do have problems conceiving and I went to the gyno yesterday. I also have a deceased baby who was 7 months old when he passed and have had several miscarriages and I have no living children. Im lost with this dream!


-Blane 2015-03-05 15:30:24

I had a dream of a doll head that would keep coming back to me. Like I tried to get rid of it, burn it, throw it away and even lock it up. Everywhere I went it would be there in my dream. The doll head would change people if they looked into its eyes. Like they wouldn’t be them selves or like something taking over their body and mind. The doll head had black marker covering its eyes and stitches as a mouth and no hair.


    -Anna 2015-03-09 7:47:42

    Blane – Your dream helps you to become aware that your approach is not helpful, for you cannot get rid of the unhealed parts of yourself; you have to look at them.
    Head without a body: This might mean you are not in touch with your physical and sexual needs, or it could mean you feel like a ‘nobody’.

    I see the fear you have in your dream – The doll head would change people if they looked into its eyes – as a fear for change and growth.
    Please see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/personal-growth/
    So perhaps you can carry the dream forward and put the head back on the doll’s body?
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)


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