Garage Gas/Filling Station

Personal home garage: Depends how you see a garage. It may be a tool shed, workshop, frozen food store, storeroom, as well as a car park. So you need to define how you feel while in it. Is it a quiet place to go to; a functional store area; a place to create?

Car repair garage – gas station: Need for personal attention or ‘repairs’ to your ambition, drive, or ability to motivate yourself. Reserves of drive, energy, motivation; abilities, personal ‘tools’ to meet life; resources; things you do not need but can’t let go of. Often a See: car.

Can be about making decisions about where to go or what to do, also about a rest stop or dealing with hunger. Needing more vitality or energy. Or if you work there is might be about refuelling others energy.

Car park garage: This can be a place to wait, to hide what you are up to, or a shift from one mode to another in terms of your intentions or energy.

Car garage sale: In many dreams this is shown as a looking for something, or a sorting out memories or impressions.

Useful questions and hints:

If this a garage at home what are you using it for or what are you doing in it?

Is it a place you keep secrets or have things you build something?

If it is repair garage, what is being attended to, or experienced there?

Do I feel lacking in energy or vitality?

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