Garbage Trash

Parts of your experience and feelings you, or society, no longer feel is useful. Occasionally one discards, or considers as useless, some aspect of self, or ability, which is actually valuable. We must realise, however, that all thought and feeling are expressions of our inner energy. As such, while we discard an expression of the energy, we must not discard the energy lest it leave us empty and unsatisfied. This is why garbage, or compost, must be thought of as material capable of being used in a new form. What do you associate with the things thrown away? See Fertiliser


Useful questions and hints:

Does this represent the ideas and opinions I want to drop, or already have?

Are there useful things in the garbage? If so can you consciously recycle your ‘garbage’.

Everything in your dreams are expressions of you emotional or mental energy – even if they are misspent energy. So your ‘dream garbage’ is real energy that can be re-used.

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