Genes DNA

These can represent what experience and traits you carry with you from the past, and possibly what you are doing with your life now. The influence can be negative or positive depending on the dream. Or it could be a way of tracing your identity with DNA.

Genes or DNA does not create the person we are, they simple create a physical structure or organism that has certain abilities to express well or badly. They do not give us language, but they do give us the potential to learn it. See The Nature versus Nurture Debate

“Of course, we are each born different and inherit a different level of resilience or ‘adaptive capacity’. So, in this new model, our health is a result of the interaction between our inherited adaptive capacity and our circumstances. For example, on a physical level between our genes and our environment. If our environment is sufficiently hostile (bad diet, pollution, frequent infections, allergies etc.) we exceed our ability to adapt and get sick.

On a psychological level our ‘inheritance’ is our particular mind frame, the rules we apply to life, based on our upbringing and experiences in the past. Through this pair of glasses we view everything that comes in through our senses, and make our judgements. If what we see, hear, smell etc. ‘fits’ within our mind frame, we adapt to health and maintain psychological equilibrium and health. If it doesn’t fit we get upset and lose it. The more liberated is our mind frame, or in other words, the less limited is our view of the world, the more we can accommodate the experiences of life, the more we maintain mental health, and indeed, increase it with a greater feeling of well-being and expanded awareness.” Quotation from Nutrition and Mental Health

What we now call genes was represented by the blood, and this is still true in some dreams. The woman for instance links this feeling with love, or wanting to be loved.  She knows she has something splendid to give, but she confuses it with her personality, perhaps even with her body and its outer appearance.  But the treasure of course is her genes, her amazing and precious eggs.  With a man of course it is living seeds he carries as sperm.  These are unique treasures that we hold within us.

Example: Society, I felt, has a sort of labelling or measuring system. It has emerged out of biological criteria of survival and fitness, and is largely unconscious. People haven’t even acknowledged they are acting under such drives. ‘My genes are best, and everybody else’s are abnormal. But only the best of mine are going to get through’. Out of this I sensed that mothers who have children who are not ‘the best’ suffer a great internal struggle about their child. Part of them cries out, ‘That is no child of mine!’

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