I see many people write in their dreams about being unfaithful or cheating. It is often said with great bitterness. It is, as far as I can see, based on deeply imprinted programs of belief we have been exposed to.

To really explain this and realise that in fact you have been programmed for pain, the following extends what has been said.

There are many children brought up as babies by animals such as wolves who were recovered from the wild, girls as well as boys. In India two girls were found in this century. They, like Djuma and Victor, never learn to speak, and became trained but trapped animals. They died quite young, unable to adapt to their life with humans and they never developed self awareness.

Speech appears to be like a computer program which when loaded into the human brain changes the way the brain works. The life of Helen Keller, a famous historical character, throws an enormous light on children’s ability to learn. Helen was struck dumb and blind at an early age when she had only learnt one word. She lived like an animal without self awareness until the age of eleven. Then she was taught by a deaf and dumb teacher and remembered the first word and quickly began the climb back to being human. In trying to explain to people what it was like to live a life without words and thought, Helen said that although she existed, she didn’t know she existed. There was no pain because there was no ‘Helen’ to feel any pain, only a body with sensations. She existed as a sort of nothingness. When she remembered that one word, ‘water’, she said that “Nothingness was blotted out.” If she had never learnt that one word before becoming blind and deaf, she might have remained forever in her nothingness. See Helen Keller

The stories of these children’s lives show us the enormous influence the early years of learning has on our mind. Without the exposure to language we would be an animal without any self consciousness. So we do not simply exist as a human being unless we are taught the amazing program of speech and human thoughts and social responses. Many of us believe we are who we are because we were born human. Not so. We are carefully fed programs and we are what we are by being taught it. We are programmed – and of course we can learn to recognise that programming and hopefully grow beyond it.

We have been programmed to believe that we are divinely suited to be married to one person. Also we have been fed a programme of ideas about ‘love’ that set us up for enormous emotional pain, pain because our programs do not work out. We are taught that this is the ‘right’ way to be and feel and any other way is a form of sickness. Yet other humans in other culture never have such pains – their programming has been different. See adultery

I believe this ridiculous fantasy of romance and love as it is shown in today’s world is largely supported because it has such enormous sales benefits.

Example: In some dreams my husband is cheating on me, in others he is just being cruel or cold. I have twice asked my dream guides or my higher self before I’ve gone to bed to send me dreams that shed light on him and our relationship because, for some reason, I keep feeling that I can’t trust him. In saying this, I want to explain that we’ve been together for ten years, he has never cheated that I’m aware of, I never catch him in lies etc., but still there exists this lingering doubt. The doubt is not merely about cheating, but perhaps his deeper moral character.

Here is a clear example of how the woman’s programming about love and marriage is creating an enormous misery for her.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What pain have you felt from being programmed?

Do you honestly think that you were born the way you are?

Can you recognose and grow beyond your programming?

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