Memories, feelings, guilt, which haunt us, or parts of the wider awareness of the unconscious which attempt to communicate. What communicates can sometimes be the husks or influences from past traumas or events, which have been emptied of hurt and real influence, but still affect us as habit patterns. They can also be fantasies, hopes, longings we have given time to, and so filled with our life and sexual energy, and which now influence us.

But also they can indicate people we feel close to but have left us, like a son or daughter that has gone off to college or married. Their ghost then represents the feelings that are still alive in us as memories.

Ghost of a living person: A sense of their thoughts or presence influencing us. Many people communicate with the so called dead. We can also be haunted by desire for them, or a resentment or feeling about them.

Some people believe that in dreams the living haunt a place. This is possible because a living person may experience an OBE and be seen as a ghost by someone in the area of the experience. Seeing a ghost while awake can still be considered as connected with the dream process.

Robert Van de Castle points out that in his work with people, whenever he has helped them investigate a ghost dream, it has always led back to the childhood experience of a parent coming to the bedroom and lifting them or moving them to prevent bed wetting. He says the ghost is invariably the mother, and the robber figure is the father.

But some dreams suggest that ghost can be any appearance in your awareness of someone experience an out of body experience, or even as the next example says, contact from another level or reality.A ghost which feels solid: The dreamer is ‘touching’ aspects of their own mind or awareness existing beyond preconceived ideas and beliefs.

Example: Last night I had a strange nightmare. I was in an ancient room. It had the feeling of being an old church. Then my wife and I were in bed in the room. A middle-aged woman was in the room. She was a ghost. I felt afraid of her, but to meet the fear needed to confront her. I reached out my hand to her. I was crying out in my sleep from fear. As she took my hand I was amazed and shocked to feel it as physically real. I cried out, “I can feel you!” She also was surprised and said, “He is from the other level,” or some named level or dimension. I had the impression that this level or dimension was recognised by “them”. I then said I wanted to speak to her, as I needed to understand. I then woke up.

Example: There was an eerie atmosphere about the place. Then we heard footsteps upstairs, and knew it was a ghost. The eerie atmosphere increased and increased, and the footsteps could be heard coming down the steps of the stairs. We decided to go and have a look at the ghost, despite the fact we were somewhat scared. But when we looked up the stairs we saw it was a youngish woman who was dwarfed in stature, and very unhappy. This was why she haunted the place, and had materialised. I put my arm around her shoulder, and made her feel loved, and led her into the kitchen, where we talked to see if we could help her. The whole eeriness had disappeared.

Example: While I was engaged to be married I had a dream in which I was looking at thick velvet curtains, very rich in texture. The curtains parted and my dead mother walked through. She came to me with such a look of love and said, ‘My darling I am so sorry, but this marriage is not to be’. The dream then ended.

 I was due to meet my fiancé at a hotel, as he was working, travelling around the country, and this would be our last meeting before our wedding. I travelled to the hotel, and when I got there the manager took me to one side and told me my fiancé had been killed in a car accident. My mother’s warning had saved me from a terrible shock.

Example: J. A. Hadfield in his book Dreams And Nightmares tells the story of a young woman who was happily engaged but who suddenly became depressed. It was discovered that her depression started when her fiancé had greatly aroused her sexually. That night she had a nightmare in which she saw the ghost of a man to whom she had been previously engaged but had been killed in a war. He was looking at her reprovingly. She felt terribly ashamed and disloyal because of her passionate love for her present fiancé. The reason for such depth of feeling was that when her previous fiancé had died she swore to herself she would not marry again, although he had not asked this of her. So the ghost here represents not only the past relationship, but the woman’s deeply implanted decision not to marry again, raised from the dead as it were by her passionate love for her present man. See Dead Husband or Ex

Example: I was in an ancient room. It had the feeling of being an old church. Then my wife and I were in bed in the room. A middle aged woman was in the room. She was a ghost. I felt afraid of her, but to meet the fear needed to confront her. I reached out my hand to her. I was crying out in my sleep from fear. As she took my hand I was amazed and shocked to feel it as physically real. I cried out ‘I can feel you – I can feel you!’ She also was surprised and said, ‘He is from the other level,’ or some named level or dimension. I had the impression the level or dimension was recognised by ‘them’. I then said I wanted to understand.

Example: I always thought ghosts were the expression of fear as we meet the unknown; the anxiety of glimpses into realities so different to what we assume they should be, that we fall back. But today I am meeting ghosts that have been working silent fingers into my history. They are archaeologists of my heart, leading into the sacred burial grounds where my past love died and was buried. They are ghosts that so subtly lift up old bone’s, enter dried out skins, to make them parade across the theatre of my feelings. In their charade they pose as my lover to affright me. They act out old dramas as if enlightening me of today. And so silently and with craft have they done this, it takes me unawares. Time passes till I catch them at their awful game. I banish them as I banished their living form in the past, by remembering that the flower that grew and died last year, is not this year’s flower.

Example: I was in bed with Tony, my husband, but we weren’t close. I was awake and looking at him, our heads were quite close together. Then we were both looking at a candle alight and a big cork, one for a jar, was being lifted in the heat of the candle. The cork was moving in directions that I didn’t think the heat was but it still kept up, and moving. We both watched this for quite some time, then the cork suddenly shot across the room and I knew Pat, woman who worked with us, was sleeping on the floor next to us, the cork caught some thin material, then went thud onto the wall and fell into an armchair. Pat awoke, thought it was a ghost coming to get her, she rushed out of bed, in the dark, went wildly into the wall trying to find a door to escape. I thought it very funny and laughed to myself as I got up to go after Pat to tell her not to be afraid, it wasn’t after her at all.


Useful questions:

Does this represent a particular old memory, fear, or piece of the past that ‘haunts’, or keeps coming back to me?

Does it indicate dread of the unknown? If so what is it you dread?

Do I have doings from the past that I have tried to bury or forget about?

See: Spirits; Hallucination; Processing Dreams; Dreaming of Death


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-03-24 17:27:31

I had an interesting dream last night. About 6 months ago I moved out of my parents house & in with my bf & a friend. The house we moved into is 131 years old, a major civil war battle was faught on the premises & about 10 of the soldiers were burried in the hill in the back yard, where a nearby house’s family cemeterary once was(cemetery is from the early 1700s, in the 1800s they used it as a dump then right before they built the house I live in, they moved the dump but ripped up all the headstones in the process / mever found remaims so now it’s unmarked). I know my house is haunted, a strong male presence & I do feel as if there’s a female presence… but in this dream we were in the servants quarters on the 3rd floor & we were in the room that’s the most dilapidated. In the dream it wasn’t dilapidated but my bf & I were playing with a ouija board. I asked the spirit (without actually using the board) to knock twice if it was not from the house & in the dream the lights flickered twice. My bf said in the dream “it didn’t knock!” I am unsure if this dream has to do with waking life situations or if this dream is about the ghost(s). I was at my parents house when I dreamt this dream & I am pretty unsure of the spirit(s) in my house. Sometimes I feel safe with them & other times I get an uneasy feeling. The most activity occurred within the first 2 months of us moving in, but since has died down to a few things happening every other week or once a month. Some positives I’ve felt were once when I was extremely upset I was crying before going to bed & I felt this tingly cool feeling on my lower neck, it felt as if a light hand was caressing that area. One uneasy thing I experienced was watching a candle fly off a shelf & break on the ground. I’ve only physically seen a large shadow on the stair case to the 2nd floor. As I walked thru where I saw this shadow my portable chargers(in a plastic, unopened case) flashlight turned on. It turned off as I went down the servants staircase. The rest if the things I’ve experienced were doors slamming, light switches turning on/off & ive heard a male voice speak 5 or 6 words into my ear once.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-03-25 13:27:14

    Hi – It is important that you read
    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – or


    Laura – What did the voice say to you?

    The lights going on and off is often because someone is trying to get your attention. That may because there is an important piece of information they want to communicate. Most often the dead past on to another dimension, but if they have reason to stay they do not pass on. So I suggest you ask your presences to tell you, maybe in a dream or while awake, what they are trying to tell you. You may or may not be able to hear them until you are in a receptive state – as when you were upset or open to receive a dream.

      -Laura Lynne Watson 2018-03-28 15:33:38

      Thank you for this reply♡ I haven’t a clue what it whispered in my ear, it was my first week in the house & I was cleaning the entire kitchen all the while listening to music. I have over 3k songs on my phone & I wasn’t singing along, so it was a song I don’t know on my phone. Right as it got to an instrumental part in the song I heard the whisper in my ear & just as it finished the words the singer began singing again & it was the exact 5 or 6 words the ghost had said in my ear in the same order… I was a little creeped out. I think I am going to take your advise & ask the spirit. I was the first person to experience these things in my house & I think it’s because I introduced myself the first day we moved in. I told whatever may be there(I had a strong sense of something the first time I stepped into the house) my name, that I hoped they would welcome me in their space & that we could get along since I understand I am a renter & it may only be temporary while their stay has been much longer. Thank you again for all your work, much love♡

      -Laura Lynne Watson 2018-03-29 2:18:40

      So I tried out the advise you had said & I had a pretty intense dream. As I came home from work this afternoon, I was the only one at my house & I spoke to them about possibly coming into my dreams. When my boyfriend came home we both took a nap & it was the dream(s) to the nap that were so intense. In the beginning I was lying in my bed, awake, just waiting for my boyfriend to wake up. (Not to be tmi) I kept kissing him & saying his name cause I wanted him to get up & to have sex but I was too nervous to so I lied there & I almost had an orgasm a few times even tho I was just lying there. Then I had got him semi awake & I had said I had to pee & he said he had to, too but he made no attempt to get up. I got up & walked out of the room & all the hallway lights were on. I heard the shower running so I supposed it was the house mate so I went down to go to the powder room but as I went down the servants staircase the lights on the 2nd floor landing turned off. As I got to the 1st floor the lights turned off on the servant staircase & there were no lights on in the house. I kept calling my boyfriend’s name “Chris” to see if he had done it. As I felt my way up the stairs on the 2nd floor I began to run because the hallway started to bend & I ran into the stair case edge & had to feel my way up quickly, because it began to bend more & more. I remember the bathroom light was still on on the 2nd floor & I could still here water running. Then I was back in my bed & I was laying down again waiting for my boyfriend to wake up, just as I had earlier. I sat up because I realized I had done this earlier & as I took a few steps towards the lights to turn them on a strong enegery made it hard to breath & a massive breeze pushed me down into the bed & I just screamed out “Chris” again. Suddenly I saw an image reaching out to me, it was a white lining to a person’s silhouette & I reached out back towards them & I felt this extreme calm & bliss & I knew they would keep me safe(this was not my boyfriend, I was standing in absolute pitch black while earlier in my dark house I could still make out what was kind of around me). I then rolled over in my bed & told my boyfriend I was going to get up to go to the bath room & that he should get up soon. I kissed him twice in the very very dark room & he half asleep kissed back. As I got to my bedroom door to leave I saw the hallway light was on & when I opened the door my boyfriend was standing there & I asked him when he had left & he had said he just got out of the shower. Then I finally woke up.

-josh 2012-11-15 14:28:50

what does it mean, if there is a green female ghost standing and staring at me, i was in a court yard an i looked up and she was just staring at me. i would throw things up and she would move to what it was then i would look up again and she’d be staring over the edge down at me. she had a creepy crown on and almost like a princess/queen type out fit on.

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