This is usually a repressed part of your childhood that haunts and terrifies you. Sometimes it is the memory of a parent in a frightening situation. When explored these ghouls usually turn out to be images describing a frightening event that happened in childhood, or in the past, or fears you are keeping unconscious in the present.

Example: my wife and I lived in a two-bedroom house. Our three young children slept in one bedroom, my wife and I in the other. At that time I was also running a part time book business. Because it was quite a small house with little cupboard space, I used a cupboard in the children’s bedroom to store new books. Much of the work I did with the books was done in the evenings when the children were in bed. Unfortunately this meant entering the children’s bedroom while they were asleep, and with a small torch searching for books I needed. Quite quickly it became apparent that one of my children showed signs of terror each time I entered the room. From his point of view all that was visible was a small light accompanied by shuffling sounds. I realised that he believed I was some sort of strange or ghostly creature coming into his bedroom. Of course, with this belief, he was terrified.

As soon as I understood this, I waited for darkness and entered the room with my torch. I could hear my small son’s sharp intake of breath and feel his sense his terror. Then I gently spoke, explaining that I was in the room looking for a book, and I switched the light on so he could assure himself of this truth. The terror never reappeared.

If you can let the ghoul approach you instead of running away or hiding you will get to know what is behind the frightening images. See ghost

Useful questions and hints:

Do I have a vivid memory of a parent or other important figure in a frightening situation?

Is this about a repressed part of childhood that still terrifies me?

This is just an image and emotions about fear, why am I running from them?

Is this similar to a ghost and I am frigthned of it?

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