Relatedness; the sort of exchange or give and take which goes on in a relationship, even the internal relationship with oneself, or the environment.

Giving: One can give affection, support, sex, ideas, as well as wounds. One needs to see what the interaction is by looking at what is given.

Giving or receiving advice: In a dream this is often important information, unless one is being mocked or cheated. Often such advice can be about a problem you face or the direction of your growth.

Giving birth: See birth

Giving false hopes: We constantly give ourselves false hopes through our desires and thoughts, but giving others false hopes can bring consequences. See Avoid Being Victims

Received: Consider what is received to define what you are accepting or rejecting in oneself or from others. See: accept; gift; Receive.

Example: I dreamt I was standing before an immense wall of what looked like water, but it was upright and steady. It stretched upwards and sideways as far as I could see. Because it looked like water I stretched out my arm to touch it, and was surprised that my hand and arm penetrated it easily. And as I pushed my arm in deeper to see if I could feel anything, an arm to my left protruded from the wall. I felt I was witnessing a deep truth; the wall was the hidden life we are all surrounded by. Whatever I put in came out toward me.

The Idioms show the many ways this action can be used. Idioms: Don’t give me that; give and take; give as good as one gets; give away or give-away; give oneself away; give somebody away; don’t give a brass farthing; give place; give a piece of ones mind; give them enough rope; give someone the evil or glad eye; give someone the elbow; give ones notice; giving passage; giving off; giving ourselves.

Useful questions and hints:

Have you seen in dreams that we get what we give?

What were you giving or being given?

Was it received or rejected?

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