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When we were born, one world of experience ended for us and another began. When we witness the birth of a new child, we see a new beginning, the emergence of a new being and life. Birth is about the possibility of infinite potential expressing some of its qualities. Birth in a dream has the same meanings. So it can indicate the beginning of a new way of life; a new attitude; new ability; new project. But also the death of the old. See: first example under woman.

The birth can be about our own physical birth, its difficulties and trauma. But most difficult birth dreams are about coming to terms with our existence. Many of us are still wondering whether we wanted to be, or want to be, born. ‘To be or not to be’, that is still the question for many of us. Lots of us live at a remove from life because of this. If there are connections with our own birth, any negative feelings, fears and pain may need to be met before one can continue real development and growth in life. This is not an easy process as birth experience is deeply primal and existing at the very foundations of our identity. Even if one manages to let this material rise into consciousness in the form of present day fears – such as loneliness, feelings of vulnerability etc – it usually takes a long time to move through them. To help with this process see the features on Life’s Little Secrets; active imagination; compensation, processing dreams.

But if one had a very difficult birth in which one nearly died, life and death can get very mixed up in you, and need at some time to be met.

 Example: I realised during this that I had gone back to birth because my fear of death was inherent in birth. I was afraid I was dying as I was born. I also felt that my chest pain could not be healed or got out of my being. Death was in us from birth, working away like corruption. We cannot heal death, we cannot get it out of us. Perhaps what I could do would be to open the rest of my being to it instead of fighting it. Maybe it was like my weakness and failure I had so long fought out of consciousness. If we admit our weakness, failure, our germ of death, perhaps death enriches as like our failure humanises us.

Example: Ever since childhood I had a nightmare dream of being in a very confined bag and being suffocated, I try to get out of a small and seemingly impossible outlet. I used to dread this awful dream. Then, at the birth of my daughter, I realised my dream was of my birth. I never had a recurrence since. D. R. Hobs

This is very clearly a dream about her difficult birth.

When the birth in your dream depicts a new phase of your maturing process, a new stage of growth, see the feature on individuation for clarification. In such cases your birth dreams may be an expression of huge changes in your life that are occurring over quite long periods of time. The birth might have come after much has ‘died’ or been lost.

Birth is also the moment of our coming into a particular set of circumstances. These include everything from the relationship, social status, financial wealth, education and background of our parents, to the physical environment in which we grew, the social customs and culture in to which we are born. So birth can also depict a sort of destiny, the taking on of a set of influences, burdens and opportunities. In the East this is all placed under the one word karma – the situation of ones birth, its working out in the present, and the streaming influences from the past. See: karma and past lives.

Example: I was in a room apart from friends and family, they were unaware I had the child but I knew they were expecting it with joy. I was trying to name the baby. It was a baby boy, but the name that came to mind was “June”. It wasn’t right and I kept trying to consider other names but none of them felt right. Just..”June”. The baby was a lovely blond boy with a wide smile, very happy.

I am a single mother unable to have more children (I have no sons) and living a chaotic life but moving forward with help of friends and family. I have professional and moving plans for late summer but nothing in the pipe line for June.

This is the interpretation given for the dream in March – “What does giving birth to a lovely baby boy mean – and I take it no man was involved – it means that you, like any mother, can dream and create something that wonderfully adds to you. You create it from all that you have gathered of life, as if you have reached up to the sunlight, the clouds in the blue sky, and added the moon and stars, and pulled them into you and brought forth this little man. For each child, whether a dream child or one taking on the weight of a body, is a birth of the whole of creation. For aren’t we ourselves, our very bodies, formed out of the mystery of the universe, and the bodies of old stars?

But in another way your son is a new aspect of you, something that hadn’t been known to you so far, with infinite possibilities. It is still young and vulnerable, so needs your love and care for it. But it will grow quickly, and then you will see traces of it in your everyday life – the new happy you.I think you should watch for signs of this little man growing into your life in June and flowering. Such signs are not usually very materialistic, but are new awareness and abilities that will be seen as you look back.”

Then from the dreamer again in June – “I wanted to update you on developments that have been connected to my dream. Dates and times moved around and I find myself moving this month. A new start! On a very fun note, I also have begun a relationship with a man who looks very much like the little baby I cradled. I actually “recognized” him! It was really unusual and regardless of how the relationship turns out, it’s been a great awakening to have a bright, positive experience with a good man. Thanks again.”

Birth of a shining, talking or holy child: The beginning of awareness – not intellectual knowledge – of how the conscious self is interwoven with the processes and beings of the cosmos.

Example: “Was in a basement where my wife and a woman I loved was giving birth to a baby, but I was somehow the one who gave birth to it without a doctor being there. It was a lovely boy. Its lower face was covered by a tight caul, but I pulled this off and it began to breathe. It opened its eyes and looked about, fully conscious; then said something about Jesus, and, “It is gone!” I asked what had gone, and it replied, “The other ego; where has it gone?” I explained that the spirit self it knew before birth was now gone so it could live in the body. The baby was then taken upstairs, and I felt it was a holy and wonderful baby. I was going to rest from the rigours of the birth, but on looking around saw how dusty and dirty the basement was. I began to clean it, and felt I would go upstairs and rest afterwards.”

The man who dreamt this said that he felt afterwards that at the time of the dream he had given birth to the very best of him. This became more and more obvious as years went by. Also he realised that his inner life, his unconscious needed cleaning.

Boasting about birth of child: Difficulty about responsibility of parenthood, but coming to terms with it.

Childrens view of birth: Many dreams of birth are symbolic attempts to come to terms with the fact of birth. It is difficult to accept accept. For children it felt that one was not born at all; one always was. Really it’s no theory but an instinctive spontaneous conviction.

“Recently my four-year-old son was inspecting a copy of a Raphael Madonna. He scrutinized it meditatively for a minute or so, then, pointing to the Christ child, announced, “That’s Michael Caldwell.” “Oh,” I responded. Then he pointed to Mary. “That’s Mama.” I nodded acceptance. Then he went on to bigger things. “He came out of her belly?” A little rise of intonation at the end showed he was looking for reassurance. I thought we were getting along fine. “Mama kept you in there cozy and warm until you were ready to come out.” He took it all in, puzzled it over, and then let fly: “Why did she eat me?” It was utterly incomprehensible that he had been made out of nothing, and most infants, could they communicate, would laugh at the proposition. However, as it must to all men, the serpent of knowledge appears in this Garden of Eden. Other children appear, little boys and girls talk about it, and slowly the uncomfortable knowledge grows that one had to come from somewhere.

Giving birth or Birth pains: The creative process; pain of arriving at a wider vision. Giving birth to a more mature self is a struggle. The NEW in our life is sometimes born out of such pains. If you are pregnant at time of dream this is probably about working out of anxieties about birth. See: birth dreams during pregnancy.

The mouth can also give birth: People often dream of giving birth from the mouth. The shape of the mouth is similar in some ways, and can also discharge things. This usually happens when the person has something important they want to say, and is a way of allowing lifein us to give thanks and birth to something new. 

Recurring dreams of giving birth: The drive to have a child doesn’t stop just because one has one or more children. Many women, even past childbearing age, dream this over and over as in the example below. The urge to care, to love, to give birth, exists despite one’s age, and the dream may be a way of trying to satisfy that. The dream may also be, as with Pamela below, an urge to have a child of the sex dreamt of. It might of course be that you are incredibly creative and constantly ‘giving birth’ to new ideas or conceptions. See Woman’s Creative Power.


Woman’s dream: Desire to have a baby. Giving birth to a new aspect of yourself.


Man’s dream: Envy of the creative ability of women. Giving birth to a new aspect of self.

Example: Thinking about the young monk – Hare Krishna – I met yesterday. I realise how much I still have to learn. I gathered hardly anything about him. He told me a dream that he had given birth to a baby out of his rectum. It was quite bloody, but he said he didn’t feel any pain. Just with this image in mind.

See: baby; hole; tunnel.

Example: For years I have dreamt I am pregnant. I go into labour in different surroundings, not always hospitals, with different people. I never see the child but I think it might be a girl, and the labour is different each time. I stop dreaming as the birth is completed. I have one 33 year old son – my only pregnancy. Pamela B.

Example: I am on a table giving birth to a baby. It was very small and very ugly, with a hawk like nose. I am walking down a corridor carrying the baby, who is smoking a cigar. I must have had some feeling for the baby as somehow I lost it and was very concerned about its whereabouts. I must have found it again because I was walking down a street and passers by would stare and condemn me for allowing the baby to smoke. I awoke with stomach pains. Mark M.

See Woman’s Creative Power.

Useful Questions and Hints: Also see: baby in your dream.

What have I given birth to – i.e. what quality or potential?

If I imagine myself as the baby what do I feel? For help doing this see Stand in Role.

Is there any suggestion of problems that might point to my own birth?

Try Acting on your dream.



-Tony Crisp 2011-06-02 8:32:46

Thank for your comment, and for pointing out the address for Belly Camp.

Here it is for people to click on http://bellycamp.com/ great for pregnant mums.



-Sarah 2013-05-18 8:21:42

I have just had a really vivid dream.
I was in a hospital toilet and I gave birth really quickly and painlessly to a healthy baby boy who despite being small was smiling and healthy. I was screaming out for nurses to help as i was worried I would do something to make him die. I wanted him to be a girl, but I still loved him. He had bright golden hair and a huge smile. I had no clothes or equipment for the baby and my breast were so swollen ready to feed him but I didn’t know how.
I was asking my partner to help but he wouldn’t.
Before I knew it the boy was walking and smiling and it panicked me that he had grown so quickly. I walked into a field and there was a bigger child blowing dandelion seeds everywhere and I rushed to stop him (don’t know why) I asked him what to call my boy and he said ‘dandelioin’.

In my real life, I am 35 no children despite multiple pregnancies. I have always wanted a girl.

Does this mean I might have a child??


-Lisa 2014-04-22 2:44:08

I had a dream where I’m holding a new born baby in my arms. I feel that it is a girl, shes quite little and has a mop of strawberry blonde hair quite long for a new born and thick, maybe about two inches. It’s very soft and wispy as baby hair is. I’m holding her gently and close to me while stroking and running my fingers through her hair. Shes content but she is very fragile in arms. Can this be interpreted?
Thank You


-Marilyn Aragon 2014-05-25 13:20:25

I had a dream that I was giving birth and something came gushing I thought it was blood and it scared me but it was food!

Looked like beans and ground meat


    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-27 7:04:19

    Marilyn – I haven’t met a dream like this before, so I have to depend upon my intuition.

    It says that your dream is telling you that sex is more than having babies – it is also food for our you and your partner. When we have sex we are deeply connected and something passes between us and becomes a part of us.

    “Suddenly every tiny movement they made seemed to tell me about them. They showed this wider awareness in me, that sometime back, Flo had a physical relationship with Vic. I saw as though words could have been said, that any intercourse, especially if with deep feeling, forms a tremendous although invisible bond between people. They literally become linked in their souls, and intercourse must therefore not be lightly undertaken. Afterwards I asked Flo whether she had been deeply related to Vic. She told me she had slept with him.”



-pretty 2014-11-24 10:43:50

my sister dreamt of her 18 month old son giving birth through his buttocks, what does this mean


-Trudy 2014-12-07 18:47:02

I am a 75 year old widow. I dreamed last night that at the age of 67 I had given birth to five children. Another lady close to me had also given birth to five children and between the two of us our ten children got mixed up. I finally by guess work got my five and took them home. Put them down to sleep, got in the car to search for all the items these babies would need. First I was searching for bottles but did not know which formula to get.
Occasionally I would float back to see the babies still sleeping. In my dream I had a husband but he was no help at all. He was also old and kept leaving. I just kept searching for what I needed and couldn’t find it and so afraid the babies would die. I awoke worrying about the babies. It traumatized me.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-12 10:55:18

    Trudy – It doesn’t matter how old you are. It is just the body that ages, but inside you are still a fertile woman. It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. A dream baby is a new birth of part of you that is emerging and needs to be cared for.

    It sounds as if you are a very creative and caring woman. Your babies will not die because they are dream babies and you are mixing up your dream life with your waking life beliefs. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing


-Cookie 2014-12-20 15:41:07

I’m a man. I dreamt of something coming out of my anus. I thought it was poop and I tried to wait for it to come out and catch it with my hand. But suddenly the thing that came out was a baby; with its head first then the body. I could not feel the pain but I felt like my asshole became bigger. It was a little bloody though.

I’m 22, single, working and I want to have a family someday even if I’m attracted to both sexes. I have a plan of traveling abroad to find a better opportunity. Currently, I’m anxious about finishing my diploma course for a month; around the clock on weekends and have it on weekdays after work. I hope you can help! ty!


-Sharna 2015-01-17 22:00:44

Tony last night I had a dream I gave birth to 18 perfect little babies. 18 boys and girls who I named and swaddled in their blankets and beanies. I gave birth alone, it was very easy, but the fact there were 18 was a surprise and a little overwhelming in the dream. Straight after I gave birth I could hold all the babies together in my arms at once, but later there were too many to hold at once. My dad was there to help. They must have arrived early because I didn’t have cotts, or nappies or even bottles. I was thinking about how many cotts I would need for now, I could probably for all the babies in 5 cotts. felt the need to get all these things. I went to the supermarket and they had nappies – so many to choose from – but no baby section for bottles. A lady scolded me for eating strawberries the other day suggesting you’re not allowed to eat them when you’re pregnant. All my babies were perfect though, so I wasn’t bothered, I just remember feeling tired but healthy, my body was completely back to normal.

I looked at my watch and realized I needed to know what time all my babies were born and in what order, sentimentally for their baby albums. I knew they were born approximately 15 mins ago and I knew the order of the first 9 or so, but I had been so busy having the babies myself and swaddling them in their blankets and beanies before the next one arrived, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t recount the rest. Then I realized I hadn’t told anyone else they were born but I was just so happy they were all so lovely.

…Tony this is one of many unusual baby dreams I’ve had recently. 2 weeks ago I dreamt my friend Anna was pregnant with 2 babies but they weren’t twins, actually separate pregnancies due 6 months apart?


    -Tony Crisp 2015-01-25 12:05:33

    Sharna – The only thing I can say about your dreams are that you are a natural and loving mother. You love babies and having babies so much you dreamt about having 18 all at once.

    You are what might be called a Grand Mother. You must also have a creative side of you, probably in caring. Also perhaps unconsciously you have a great connection with living things and life.



      -Tee 2015-02-25 15:11:08

      Hi Tony, I’ve always wanted kids of my own.

      Just recently, I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby who wasn’t breathing properly (breaths were short & fast). The midwife rubbed my baby’s back until we heard baby inhale and exhale more comfortably & relaxed (no crying?). Although, after baby had settled in her arms- i thought she’d hand it to me. But she passed baby to another nurse. Before I could get the words, “Can I hold my baby?”- I had blacked out, and didn’t get the chance to know the gender either.

      I feel excited and sad at the same time. What can you make out of it?


-ew 2015-03-31 13:51:38

So I dream of giving birth. I never saw myself pregnant. I stood up and it was a sack with a baby hanging from me. My aunt pushed it back in three times. The final time the emt was there and said its nothing they could do. I sat there looking at my baby still in the sac my water never broke. My aunt broke the sac and my sister took the baby. When i finally got the baby she was dressed in pink n blue. I introduce her to my son. He was excited and then i was ask who was the father and woke up


    -Anna 2015-03-31 16:59:21

    ew – In your dream world you can give birth without having noticed that you were pregnant.
    Like any baby, it is something new and vulnerable that has come to life – come to your life.
    The part in you which was unwilling to accept this new part is symbolised by your ant – sorry, aunt – in your dream; she pushed the baby back in three times.
    Eventually you become aware that there is nothing you can do against giving birth and so there is nothing you can do against development and growth in your life, for it is an innate urge in us.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/personal-growth/
    The important question is, what is it that is new and growing in your love, in your work, or in yourself?
    Also in your dream world you can give birth to a dream baby without a father; a “virgin birth”.
    Only a ‘virgin birth’ can bring forth the birth of an intuition, a new response to oneself and one’s environment that transforms one’s life. This is a living relationship with the mystery which underlies our life. If we generate a child in this way, we are not held prisoner by habits of thought, stereotypes of behaviour, then we can begin to allow into our waking life what was previously impossible to know. This open state of mind and feelings, acts as a link between the identity or personality, and the deep unconscious life processes. This link allows a birth of realisations and inner change that brings healing and a possibility of experiencing the aspect of oneself that is our core self.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/pregnancy-childbirth/the-baby-in-your-dream/
    Anna :-)


-Maggie 2015-04-01 12:39:39

I just had a dream that I delivered my own baby boy. I have 3 kids in real life, and somehow I suddenly “knew” I was going into labor despite not feeling pain, or having a pregnant belly. I gathered blankets and towels and squatted when I felt it coming out of me. It was a boy. I am white, but he was dark, like middle eastern… I cleared out his mouth, and cleaned him off with a towel, and he had lots of black hair, and I loved him instantly. I swaddled him and sat with him in the wet towels and blankets. Suddenly a friend arrived and said that since I was facing the opposite direction, she couldn’t get a good picture of the birth. After that, I realized that he was wearing a little red and white outfit and his feet were cold. I got more blankets because I was fearful of him being uncomfortable. I didn’t like the red and white outfit, but I didn’t change it.

I’m kind of freaking out. What does this mean?


    -Anna 2015-04-02 9:09:28

    Maggie – This is not about giving birth in your waking life, I feel this is about a new awareness that was “born into” you while you were sleeping;
    this way we can become aware of “the more that we are”.
    A middle eastern boy can be a symbol of “The East”.
    Beginings starts in the east – from where the sun rises we begin a new dawn. Each day is a good new day with a fresh beginning, a new start. East is the direction of the physical body and newness including children and newborns. It is the time of change for all is a new beginning. New ideas and seeing the light. It represent change in all its ways. Also Spring is the season when all things begin to grow and awaken. Yellow is the path of Life, to begin the walk as a warrior, to shine in all that you do. The sun rising in the east empowers each of us. The energy to do and to begin the action of the mind and heart is there.
    The East represents one polarity, that opposite to individual personal awareness. Every night in sleep you slip into a condition in which you lose personal awareness. Your sense of self is lost in what you call unconsciousness, but which is, if you enter it with some awareness – lucidity – a great ocean of consciousness, a universal mind in which you exist as a part of all life. Sometimes we bring back some insight, some wisdom from this ocean.
    We stand on the shore of it and understand something. This is the Wisdom of the East so to speak. So the East links with the mystery of life. It also connects with rebirth due to the Sun rising; resurrection from ignorance or darkness. It is the source of the teachings concerning your immortal self.
    I feel you do not realise yet what insight or what wisdom you gave birth to, because as you wrote:
    “Suddenly a friend arrived and said that since I was facing the opposite direction, she couldn’t get a good picture of the birth”.
    Taking a good picture is like becoming aware of this new realisation inside you and the good friend is that part of you which is willing to help you with that.
    So what do you associate with “facing the opposite direction”. The West?
    The West is about the death of something. So perhaps this is about letting go of individual personal awareness and/or of letting go of your preconceptions so you can
    experience what it is like to see with “naked awareness”? ( “I didn’t like the red and white outfit, but I didn’t change it”.)

    If you have given birth without any man involved, it suggests it is a virgin birth – i.e. no male partner was involved at the time.
    Many women dream of giving birth without any man involved. Virgin birth is normal part of dreaming. It means that the woman has conceived as a process of Life. Being a virgin represents the human soul or psyche and its possibility of dropping pre-conceptions, thus attaining an inner virginity and through that being receptive to the unseen or unconscious side of self. Joseph Campbell in his book “Myths To Live By” says – “There are myths and legends of the Virgin Birth, of Incarnations, Deaths and Resurrections; Second Comings, Judgements and the rest, in all the great traditions. And since such images stem from the psyche (from you and your dreams), they refer to the psyche. They tell us of its structure, its order, and its forces, in symbolic terms.”
    Only a ‘virgin birth’ can bring forth the birth of an intuition, a new response to oneself and ones environment, that transforms ones life. This is a living relationship with the mystery which underlies our life. If we generate a child in this way, we are not held prisoner by habits of thought, stereotypes of behaviour, then we can begin to allow into our waking life what was previously impossible to know. This open state of mind and feelings, acts as a link between the identity or personality, and the deep unconscious life processes. This link allows a birth of realisations and inner change that brings healing and a possibility of experiencing the aspect of oneself that is our core self.
    Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/levels-of-awareness-in-waking-and-dreaming/
    Anna :-)


-Susan Crisp 2015-06-07 12:36:32

I found your website when researching info on a very vivd dream i had wherein I gave birth to a daughter (somewhat of a miracle since I have had a hysterectomy and remembered that in my dream). I was unaware that I was pregnant until my water broke. She could speak at 2 days old and was able to comminucate visions of the future via television screens that she manipulated with her mind. Her visions were a bit scary in that there was a war predicted. There were others in the dream who were trying to harm her. I was able to protect her, but my own family (including her father who had no known identity) were less than helpful and just veryconfused by her existance.
Now add to the drean the fact that you and I have the same (very rare) last name and I am anxious to hear a reply! TY!


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-09 6:30:47

    Dear Susan – It is your nature and potential to have a baby and give birth. You developed in this way because you are a creature of evolution. Even if you have had a hysterectomy, you are that power of creation at your Core.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#WomCreative
    And so you have given birth to a wonderful, gifted child. These dreams often show the dreamer having given birth to parts of their personality which are connected with wider sympathies, or wider awareness, than their own personal ego or self. It may show an awareness of the universal processes of life. It is the same sort of meaning as Christ in symbolism. It can show the emergence of awareness of the levels of existence beyond the senses. See also See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/esp-in-dreams/
    “The visions of the future” could also arise, as with weather prediction, from a massive gathering of information, most of which you have forgotten consciously.
    This becomes clear when you look at the symbol of the television; for that is about what you feel, understand or intuit about what is going on in other people’s lives or the world, but also about looking at the drama taking place in your own life that you may have overlooked.
    The way I see it is that this part of your dream “Her visions were a bit scary in that there was a war predicted. There were others in the dream who were trying to harm her. I was able to protect her, but my own family (including her father who had no known identity) were less than helpful and just very confused by her existence” could be about your inner world and/or outer world.
    I believe that when it is an inner conflict/war and you are able to come to terms with it, the possible conflict in the outer world may dissolve too, because you are not willing “to feed it”.
    So it serves a purpose to explore what the war is about and if the different perceptions about the existence of this child as far as you and your family are concerned is an expression of an internal conflict.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/war/
    Because this child seems to have a lot of information – probably about your still unconscious inner world as well – you can try “Being the child” and “talking as the child” to explore what the war is about, why “other people” – other aspects of yourself – want to harm it and why your (inner) family is confused by her existence.
    You can also use this approach for “the other people” and your family.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    Another helpful approach to connect with this part inside you is “Incubating dreams”
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/incubating-dreams/
    I trust this gives you a start with exploring your inner world.
    Good Luck!
    Anna :-)


-Pam Farnham 2015-09-30 14:35:01

Hello, I like what you write and I have studied Jung with awe. I would like your thoughts on a dream I had in which I found myself in a beautiful large home belonging to me and my husband (38 years) as newly wed and we had given birth to twins, a boy (my youngest brother) and a girl (my only sister). In the dream I was happy because I could nurture them in a a way my parents never did. Then suddenly they were toddlers and I was in labor with twins again. This time I was present for a difficult birth with forceps and two doctors. One of the baby boys was not viable but the male doctor stopped his heart and restarted it and he lived. He wanted me to cut off the baby’s left big toe as payment and I refused. He did not press it. My husband and I fled the hospital with me holding both twin babies. I was breast feeding the more viable baby and just holding the other close as we dodged wild animals and got away. There was more but those were the key elements and I understand the dream to some extent but would appreciate your ideas.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-20 14:31:30

    Dear Pam – Thank you for your appreciation of Tony’s Life Work.
    The ideas I have about your dream is that your uniting with an aspect of your inner male makes that you are now able to mother some aspects of you that did not have a chance to develop yet.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/growth-of-something/
    Your large, beautiful home where your inner children develop, is a symbol of your own beautiful mind, which has a lot of potential; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-house-in-your-dream/
    Because of your inner growth you feel you are ready to give birth to something new in your (inner) world.
    I feel it will be helpful to ask yourself if you want to grow too fast; for this growth/birth process does not come across as kind and gentle.
    Do you feel you had to grow up fast at a certain age and were you confronted in your outer life with things you were not ready to meet yet?
    The last part of the dream also shows that you are not ready yet to deal with whatever is confronting you, for you are running away and avoiding the confrontation with your animal side; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/animals-in-your-dreams/
    So the birth of this new part came with a lot of fear too; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/fear-frightened/
    “LifeStream reminds us that even as adults the streaming life process has an enormous amount to offer us. But because we have developed a certain amount of self-determination, because we may have learned destructive habits of behaviour and response, we may have to learn how to cooperate once more with the life process innate in our body and mind.”
    Anna :-)


-Ariel 2015-10-14 19:01:03

I’m Twenty years old and last night i had a strange dream and its been kind of messing with my head a little bit. I don’t normally pay much attention to dreams but i cant stop thinking about it. If you could help me a bit that would be very kind and very appreciated.
In the dream i saw myself pregnant. I have never seen myself in a dream before and it wasn’t exactly like i was looking in on everything, i was me i just could see me too. I went into labor at a hospital and i wasn’t alone, i had people with me. In the dream they were my friends but i’m pretty certain i haven’t ever met these people. There was a girl and at the beginning of the dream we had a lot of resentment for each other, hated each other even, but she was the one who held my hand while i went through labor. It was like i could feel the contractions and there was blood on my hospital gown and running down my legs. I was in labor for hours but i finally gave birth to a beautiful little boy called Noel. I haven’t any clue why i had picked that name, I’ve never even thought of the name as a possibility for naming an animal let alone a child but in my dream it was the only name that seemed fitting. He had a lovely head of black hair and chubby cheeks and he was perfect. After i held the baby and let his father hold him, who i can not even remember who he was, i let the girl know how much i admired her for having to have gone through that as well because for some reason i had the knowledge of her having a child as well but older. i was released from the hospital and sent home where i showed my parents photos of my newborn son and i couldn’t stop thinking about “what if they are feeding him a bottle? i don’t want him on a bottle i will breastfeed. i need to go feed my son.” i don’t understand any of this. when i woke up i just wanted to go back to sleep. i don’t even want kids. If you could help me interpret this that would be so lovely, thank you.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-22 11:21:33

    Dear Ariel – The way I see your beautiful dream is that it reflects that you have given birth to something new in your (inner) life and I believe it will be helpful to read these features too;
    When you read through the article “the baby in your dream” then you can see that giving birth has nothing to do with the decision that you do not want physical children in your outer life, because this is about your dream child; an expression of the creative process of Life (growth) within you.
    All the people in the dream that assist you while giving birth are symbols of your inner resources; your skills, your unknown selves; your ability to take care of yourself and your inner growth etc.
    The roots of the baby’s name are the French noel (“Christmas season”), which may come from the Old French nael. This, in turn, is derived from the Latin natalis, meaning “birth.” Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, it was natural for people to refer to the celebration as the “nativity” or the “birth.”
    The last part of your dream is about your concern to not feed this inner child with anything artificial; “what if they are feeding him a bottle? I don’t want him on a bottle.”
    This could relate to being aware that you have given birth to your authentic self (this is also sometimes referred to as the Christ child) and that you are willing to only feed it with what is natural; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/authentic-self/
    Wanting to go back to sleep after waking up from this dream might reflect some form of resistance towards your inner growth;
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/personal-growth/
    and please also read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#Seed
    I have given you much to read and a lot to reflect on, because I believe this is an important dream for you.
    Let me know if you have any questions Ariel.
    Anna :-)


-anonymous 2015-11-16 17:15:48

i saw that i gave birth to twins, firstly a daughter. then after sometime a boy. Even in the dream the birth of the babies were painless. after i gave birth to a boy i’ve touched his head and could feel his hairs. although im unmarried


-Angelika 2015-11-23 23:47:41

Hi tony,

I had a dream of birth. Two people giving birth and I am helping them with their birth. One is my sister and other person I don’t know. Other person give birth to a baby girl and my sister in my dream was still in labor. Later she also gave birth. Weird thing was that i see my sister helping me in the dream. It was a little chaotic dream, too many things happening. I saw my husband my brother in law and my mother.
Does this mean anything. I am 35 and have 2 kids.


    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-25 11:00:06

    Angelika – The weird thing about your sister helping you give birth in your dream is not weird if you understand how dreams work, and what a different world or dimension you are experiencing while you dream. I know it may at first be difficult to believe, but every single thing or person in your dream is you – so of course your sister was giving birth and helping you. Because after all it was you giving birth.

    Nearly always when people dream about someone they know or a strange new person or situation they automatically believe the dream is about that person, situation or animal. But when we think of our friend or partner our thoughts are not them – just our thoughts and feelings about them. So dream images are ways of communicating via our associations not actual things or people. In the world of dreams our most intimate fears and longings are given an exterior life of their own in the form of the people, objects and places of our dream.

    So your sister in your dream is an image made from the memories and feelings you have of her. I hope you can begin to understand how your dream works, because your sister was in a helping and mothering role, which is what she has been in your memoires of her – I guess.

    The baby or babies you were giving birth to are new aspects of yourself – in your inner world – see http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner

    What does giving birth to a lovely baby mean – and I take it no man was involved – it means that you, like any mother, can dream and create something that wonderfully adds to you. You create it from all that you have gathered of life, as if you have reached up to the sunlight, the clouds in the blue sky, and added the moon and stars, and pulled them into you and brought forth this little baby. For each child, whether a dream child or one taking on the weight of a body, is a birth of the whole of creation. For aren’t we ourselves, our very bodies, formed out of the mystery of the universe, and the bodies of old stars?

    It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. So I believe that such a baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not always an outer part. It is because you are a female mammal and females are designed to have babies – it is instinctive and unavoidable to at least dream of creating a child. But your creativity in your inner world is not just producing babies, for your inner world baby is an expression of you, your potential.

    Your new abilities – your dream babies – are yours to explore. You ARE LIFE with an enormous potential, and if you start trying to live any of them Life will be with you every step of the way. I know because I trod that path. You may find it helpful to actually connect with the new baby by using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson



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