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So many people dream about their grandmother, especially the dead grandmother. Grandmothers represent so much in your dreams. They are the doorway through which your life came into being, and bring us that much nearer to the source of Life. They are also the wonderful gateway to the ancestors and their collective wisdom.

Of course they could also be a bad grandmother – but even so they are a reflection of the pains and inner wrongness we may carry with us through our family inheritance. So whether good or bad we should honour them, for only through them can we find out way back to what is beyond them in the past.

She is a mother and a grandmother and is a very special person in your life.  A grandmother is the living essence of all the mothers who have existed before them. I know that seems an everyday thing in one way, but if you take time to consider it, it means that your mother or grandmother is a sort of magical being. It also means that she is a stream from which the rivers of your life have flowed.

At times a grandmother may appear like an angel, as she is to a young child. Her touch and love is a link with the ancient wisdom that grandmothers have inside them. It can reach through them and change your life.

See Integrate

 Inner grandmother: Many people do not realise that they have an inner grandmother equally as powerful as an external grandmother. You have taken in millions of bit of memory, lessons learnt, life experiences along with all the feelings or problems met by loving and living with or knowing your  grandmother, and they are what makes you the person you are. This is true even if your grandmother was never there for you – you still have all the memories of her not being there for you filed under ‘Grandmother’. The memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event. Such an inner mother can appear in dreams because you are still deeply influenced by what you hold within you.  The inner grandmother can also signify what has been received via genes passed on or ancestral influences. See ancestorsparent integrationThe Conjuring Trick

Example: I had this dream about my grandmother: I walked into a very bright house where there were so many little children…it seemed she was taking care of them, they were playing and laughing inside the house. She was wearing her favourite flowered dress, as I walked toward her she spread out her arms and offered me a hug, so I went to her and as she hugged me I felt warmth and happiness, I saw bright flowers and sunshine and plants in the breeze. Then in an instant it was all gone. I woke up; I was in a good mood. I got ready for work and as I was on my way to work my mother called me to say happy birthday. Right at that moment I remembered the warm hug my grand mother gave me that very same morning…..what a coincidence that same warm feeling. As I shared that dream with my mother, we both had tears of joy.

Example: But as the baby I knew I was giving a signal that I was bonding. The cries were a bonding signal. I wouldn’t cry until I was in the presence of someone I could bond with. I felt my mother had been frightened of my weakness, had thought I was dying and had not opened her heart to me. So only now did I bond.

I knew someone loved me. I knew they understood what pain was and were not afraid of it or of death. This pierced me right through. It was my grandmother, but to me it felt like some higher being who had reached out of the unknown to help me. The bonding cry was a signal to say “I recognise you! I recognise you! I’m bonding to you. I’m bonding to you! Someone recognises me. I can cry now because I am in the presence of love.”

Example: What could this mean? I have been in communion with my spiritual nature and speaking to my loved ones who have passed on recently (mother, grandmother, papa, great grandmother and oddly, I’ve been feeling my great great grandmother around me, though she passed on long before I was born).


Useful Questions and Hints:

What part did your grandmother play in your life?

Have you ever felt her presence – good or bad?

What do you carry in your nature from your grandmother?

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-kia 2016-07-25 2:03:41

I have a 5 year old who has a speech delay. He has never met my parents because they passed away over twenty years ago. He hasn’t seen a picture either. tonight it was time for him to go to bed. He hugs me and says “my grandma is in the or in house” I said what? Then he said grandma & grandpa are gone. my family is gone”.He spoke so clear!! I asked him what did they look like and he said brown. I know this isn’t a dream question, but does anyone have an idea of why or what?

-Jamie 2016-07-09 19:16:59

I had this dream the other night about my grandma. She passed away two years ago. She really wasn’t in my dream. She was already dead. We were looking in her old house and finding things. Can you tell me what this means?

-Aurola 2016-05-19 16:34:19

My grandmother expired this January.I was deeply shaken by her demise. I couldn’t believe that she is no more. I dreamt of grandma thrice. In the first dream I saw the door of my house open. I went out and then to my surprise I saw many people gathered outside my house. Mostly all were relatives. They were praying. Then my mom scolded me and asked me to go back to sleep. But I didn’t. I looked around everywhere and then saw my grandma. I was shocked. I ran to her. And began crying badly. I asked her why did she leave us? Kept asking her the same question but she just smiled. Now the 2nd dream. This dream is slightly not clear. I don’t remember much of it but all I remember is that I saw her in my neighbour’s house sitting besides their kitchen window. I was horrified by looking at her cause her face seemed dark very dark . I told mama about it. She didn’t say anything. Then I tried going to my neighbour’s place but somehow I couldn’t enter their house. Not just once but I tried entering their house several times. And the last dream .. I saw my grandma and Grandpa (maternal) lying on different bed besides each other. They both seemed unwell. And they were in a house . all my relatives were there too. I was sad looking at them cause they seemed too Ill. My grandpa held my hand and spoke something to me. I didn’t recall what he spoke to me then my grandma called out to me. I went next to her and said jokingly “don’t die so early. See my kids and then go” she smiled and said to me name your son Jesus. Do these dreams have a meaning? Please explain to me. I really miss her and I wanna know if she trying to communicate me through these dreams.
Please reply. Thank you

-rasjohn tafari judevisajo 2016-03-20 10:02:30

i really appreciate this wonderful insight,i still dream of my late grandma but we fight often,especially when i come into my senses and realize she is long dead,please help me find the meaning of this,atimes she prepares food for the whole family and particularly invites me for a share

-amanda 2016-01-02 18:33:45

I had a dream I was walking down my dark scary feeling hall I looked into the living room to see my mema (grandmother) standing in the living room, with her walker. she was staring out the front door with the sun shining so brightly through the glass screen door. she turned to look at me smiling so big. walked towards me we met eye to eye as she walked through me or into me. I awoke frightened.scared to go back to sleep.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-08 10:49:18

    Dear Amanda – What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and – is that you start with meeting death in a way that frightens you; “I was walking down my dark scary feeling hall.”
    When you “come through” this way of perceiving death, you are able to see it differently; “with the sun shining so brightly – she turned to look at me smiling so big.”
    Then your (inner) grandma takes you to “another level” of perception where you become aware that your (dream) body does not need to be an obstacle to experience a form of Oneness with her (and so with every other Being – those Beings we call dead and those we call alive – as well); that you are a part of her beyond yourselves.
    Because Oneness connects us to all life, when we align with it we can access sources of energy and inspiration that might not otherwise be available.
    You do not mention how old you are nor how you perceive your relationship with your grandmother in your waking life – – and I wonder what you perceive as frightening.
    Anna 🙂

-nana 2015-08-20 19:39:13

my grandma recently passed away, last night i had a dream she woke up from casket as some kinda demon in her…we all ran and out of everyone, she chased after me n seemed to me, that i was the only person she was looking for, she did catch me n attacked me. what does this mean? i love her n miss her alott but why this type of dream?

-leila 2015-06-03 6:58:52

My grandma passed away a few years back and just the other night I dreamt about her. My dream was surreal. I dreamt I was in my grandma’s doorway between her bedroom and bathroom while my sisters were in her bathroom, I remember telling my sisters I wish granny was here. Then my granny walked in with her arms wide open and said I’m here and she grabbed me and was hugging me I even cried on her shoulder. She hugged me for me for what seemed like forever. It seemed so real. I woke up the next day happy and energetic with love in my heart.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-03 10:23:41

    Dear Leila – The way I see your dream is that parts of you – symbolised by your sisters – are in the process of releasing and/or cleaning and this process awakens a deep desire and a willingness inside you to connect with your grandmother and so with the source of Life: “I woke up the next day happy and energetic with love in my heart”; which was a healing experience as well.
    See also for a detailed description of experiencing core feelings in a dream.
    So your wonderful dream also expressed the purpose of inner cleaning and releasing.
    Sometimes a dream like this is also ‘a tentative feeler toward the future’; ‘a dress-rehearsal for life,’ in which the dreamer reveals his hopes, fears, and plans for the future. This can be seen in any long journal of dreams, but only if the dreamer explores the dreams and reveals the core of what the dream is really about. You can become very aware of your present state of being and your possible future. It is only your possible future predicated from the time of the dream. It appears that what we do today casts shadows that are our future.
    I feel that dreams like these are very important to explore yourself, so please use the link above or these links
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

-Mel 2015-04-07 15:35:36

I dreamt i was advised my grandmother had died but she already has died 2 years ago now what does that mean

-Nicole 2015-01-11 10:53:45

My loving grandmother passed away 4 years ago, we were very very close, she was like mummy number 2 for me, I spent all my summer holidays with them, my grand father is still alive thankfully. When my aunty moved out she took both of them to live with her, so I grew closer with all of them. When I grew older and started working I visited in the weekend and occasionally slept over too even my boyfriend today my husband felt at home too apart from my mums. In 6 weeks we learned grandma had a tumour pressing on a crucial part of the brain, obviously we never told her what the doctor said, but she felt she was getting worse. Me and mum used to go help my aunt with cooking for her, and bathing her. The last 2 weeks I remember like yesterday. It was July Thurday 22nd we were outside in the back yard when she started sobbing and said I know I’m going to die and how, I told her you are not to talk to me about you dieing she said but I know and I don’t want to leave here I love you too much and I’ll miss you too much I said you will get better to put up her hopes but her feelings were right! She told me I know I’ll die in my sleep, she said tell me is it true am I approaching death? and at that moment my mother was outside and heard her too and told her stop talking nonsense you are fine, she said I heard some doctor say something about a tumour, my mother told her he wasn’t talking about you!! She started sobbing and told her I feel worse and worse everyday and I don’t want to leave you all. After they gave her a bath she used to ask for me, and I’d go stay next to her we used to talk about everything until I see her sleepy, I’d kiss her goodnight and she’d always say that she very grateful for what I’m doing for her and she loves me very very much. On friday 23rd july was my birthday, after helping her to bed we called the doctor and he had us call all the close siblings cause her breathing wasn’t right. I slept next to her on the bed and I could see from her face she was happy to see me. The doctor came again that morning and suggested we take her to hospital if she keeps getting worse. Grandma started crying cause she wanted to stay home, I told her I won’t leave your side I promise, so I called work and let them know that I don’t know when I’m going in. When we arrived at hospital we had to wait outside for the doctors to do what they needed, when they came out with her I told her I’m here grandma and she smiled at the nurse, the nurse told me you should have seen the look she gave me when she heard your voice, by then her speaking wasn’t very clear and only I understood her more from the others. She was all the time thanking me and thanking me and saying I love you and there s no one else like you, I used to call her butterfly that always put a smile on her face, I still used to make conversation with her and to make sure I understood her I used to ask her to close her fist if it was a no and not to if it was a yes most of the times I understood her by the way she moved her eyes, everyone used to laugh about it cause it was like our secret code. On friday 29th 3am she passed away in her sleep there wasn’t enough room for me around her cause she had all her children around her so that night told her nan I’m not leaving I promise I’m sitting outside and she nodded ok. My mum came out of the room and I thought she wanted to go out for a cigarette so I told her I’m going in and she said Nic nan left us, I couldn’t believe it so I went in anyway, I wiped her face and arranged her hair and kissed her goodbye. After 2 years I dreamt We went to open the coffin and when we opened she was beautiful her clothes were still clean her hair was blow dried and she had a small smile in her hands she had s bouquet of flowers and rosary beads. Whenever someone gave her flowers she threw them away she used to tell them I’m not dieing you know! And this night I dreamt of her again we actually spoke, but it was strange my mother and her younger sister were there too. My mother and aunt told me they were planning to take their lives in front of my grandmother because they said they given up and cant take it any more, grandma didn’t try to stop them and I told her why are you not trying to say something that changes their mind??? Then she said look at me while my grandad was helping her up, I can’t even stand up alone do you want me like this? Then I was angry at everyone and told her this is no excuse for you to die!!!! You a family that loves you like no other, and they have no excuses die!, they have family that need them very much! and my mother has 6 children who still need her, what happens then I asked?? And how have they given up on us??? I told my mother do you know what you are saying???? If not for me for my younger brothers. I was next to my nan again and although she was in a chair with blankets on her she seemed more lively then ever, she just gave me a smile and pulled out her tounge as if to tease me and told of my mother and aunt and i woke up!!

-Jessica 2015-01-10 14:08:04

I had a dream a couple months ago about my deceased maternal grandmother. In the dream she called me on the telephone and told me I was expecting twins, and that she couldn’t be happier. When I responded that it was my sister having twins, she told me no, you are. When I woke I played it off, being my youngest sister was expecting twins, and it was in relation to knowing her news. But out of the blue I am now 9 weeks pregnant, with the use of contraception, and have been told that my chances of living on the moon were greater then me ever having children…. Could the dream have been a prediction of what was coming?

-tnt1975 2014-12-28 5:20:23

I had two dreams of my dead grandmother. In the first dream, my son and I were sleep when the wall opened and tried to suckered us in. We were holding on with all our might. My grandmother appeared and told me to give my son to her. I tossed him with all my might and she took him and left. The second dream, I was standing over her grave just talking to her. I reminiscedon’t over the past and how much I missed her. I woke up so sad.

-Brianna 2014-12-22 6:01:23

I had a strange experience, the other day. When I was young, my great grandma and I , would feed the humming birds, every morning at her home. she would set me on the kitchen counter, and we would quietly watch, the humming birds eat. the other day, I randomly saw, a humming bird, outside my window. it hovered in one spot for a few seconds , then was gone. the same day, that night, I dreamed about my great grandma. She was holding me, and I was crying. she kept telling me, “its ok, its ok” I can remember, feeling her touch my head, and rub my back, and how comfortimg it felt. The fact that her and I, shared a special bond with hummingbirds, and then I see one, and dream of her, to me its a sign, that she was telling me hello, and that shes watching over me. I haven’t had this experience in four years. This isn’t the first time its happened. but once every few years, ill see a humming bird, and then dream of her. its really beautiful, and I miss her so much.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-12-22 8:18:04

    Brianna – To me your dreams and the humming birds are saying that we are all connected by the mystery of Life. Your grandmother is always with you, but you are locked in only being able to see or hear only a tiny fraction of the world around you (our eyes are only sensitive to 1% of visible light and our ears only hear 1% of audible sound, so we are really almost blind and deaf). But in dreams we are in a different dimension and can see, feel and hear more.

    So do not feel that you miss her, because your feelings are felt even more by your grandmother, that is why she was telling you its ok. It upsets our dead when we grieve and feel a great loss. So learn to sit quietly and think of your grandmother with love. Do not look for her with your eyes or listen with your ears, but open to your heart and you will be with her.


-Heather 2014-11-01 14:45:33

Thank you! This was helpful. I had a dream the other night that my recently departed grandmother was wading in shallow water at the beach dancing with a very long skinny turtle that was the same size as a whale. She was young, wearing a soft cream colored flowy dress, her hair was long and she was at complete peace, lost in this dance with the turtle. It’s interesting because my grandma struggled through her life. She had depression and 13 children that she struggled to raise. I also have been dealing with some generational curses of depression . It’s as if she came to show me the strength of turtle symbology and motherhood. Thank you for posting this article. I have been searching for answers about why my grandma came to me and if it was a soul visit or just a dream. I woke up feeling like I was still in the dream so I think she visited me. I still, days later, can’t shake it.

-AMANDA 2014-07-31 16:24:23


-Karina 2014-03-30 13:51:44

I’ve dreamt of my deceased grandmother twice this week already. I was very fond of her. When I was little I will spend my summer vacations with her and grandpa. She died 5 years ago, from cancer. It was all sudden, in a month she went from not feeling well, visiting the doctor, getting a biopsy, cancer spreading out, and finally dead. I could not be with her or go to her funeral due to living in different countries. For long I felt sad that I could not say goodbye to her, but I hadn’t dreamt of her this often until now.
I hope you can help me see through these dreams. Whether they are visitation dreams, or she trying to tell me something, or it is just simply my subconscious, I will like to have more insight.

First dream: 3 nights ago, I dreamt my sister, my cousin and I went to visit her because we already knew she was sick. She received us at her beach house, she didn’t look sick at all, she was happy to see us; she hugged us and asked us why we didn’t visit more often and why it had taken us so long to go to see her. I felt like she was reprimand us because we had not visited her for awhile. I also remember from the dream that she was having tea with some friends at her beach house; and I remember looking at the house and thinking how changed it was, but at the same time remembering the childhood years I have spent in it, and thinking to myself it was not different at all. That only the facade, such as the color of the walls or furniture had changed, but beneath all, it was the same house. It was a nice dream, but towards the end I starting crying because I knew she was sick and she was going to die and I didn’t want that, so when I wake up, I was still crying from my dream.

Second dream: Last night. The dream has two parts. In the first part, my grandmother appears on the dream.I’m not in the dream, but somehow watching over what she is doing, like an spectator in a movie. It was night time, she was cleaning the garbage outside her beach house (again the beachhouse) but because she was old, she couldn’t recognize what garbage was from what, so she grabbed a white garbage bag from the floor and the garbage started leaking. It started leaking some red liquid (looked like blood and made me feel like it was blood-remember I’m only a spectator in this part of the dream) she hasn’t noticed the garbage is leaking, but more importantly the leaking is making now a trace on the dirt and going towards another trace of gasoline, and when the two come together, they started a fire.
I wake up, look at my phone to see the hour, and go back to sleep just to continue with the dream. Second part: She hasn’t noticed of the fire yet, so I appeared in the dream to let her know about it. Moreover the fire has spread and it is now moving towards her house. But it doesn’t feel like a fire that will kill us. She has a guardian sleeping at her beachhouse, and he too can sense the smoke and the flames coming close to her house. I’m in the dream now, and she knows now there is a fire, but she and I walk towards the house, and go inside of it (even when the house could be potentially consumed by the fire). This house looked different than the first house in the first dream 3 nights ago, I remember clearly the color of the walls-yellow-the walls in the first dream’s house were terracotta red. We go inside the house, we are in the livingroom now and we start looking at the stuffs she has in it. I don’t know if it was because of the fire, or because again we knew she was sick and she was going to die, that she starts giving them to me. She starts grabbing different ornaments, she then tells me where she bought it or how long she had it, and then telling me she would like for me to keep it. We walk around the livingroom, she picking up stuffs she would like for me to keep; I also pick up ornaments I like and want to keep as well. The process continues and it is making me feel sad; because in a way I feel she is trying to get rid of her stuffs because she know she is going to die. Finally we get to 3 small ornaments made of quartz (I can’t remember what the ornaments before these were, only these 3 things), these 3 ornaments were like figurines and they all had the shape of hands. They were small, you could hold them on the palm of your hand, but were really well-made and represented the shape of hands in different position. One of them had the shape of two crossed hands with the palms up; the other one was just one hand with the palm up, and cannot remember the shape of the third one. I seemed to like these ornaments, so I ask her if I can too keep them, and she tell me that yes, but that in fact they are originally mine. she got them from my house, when I moved overseas, and she had kept them ever since; so that these 3 ornaments always belonged to me.
At the beginning I couldn’t remember these 3 ornaments were mine, but after she tells me they in fact are, I started remember little by little that I did bought them. I get curious about the meaning of them and why I would buy ornaments with the shape of hands, so all of the sudden a lady appears in the dream; she seems to know about the meaning of these ornaments, and when I asked, and she is about to tell me the meaning, I woke up.

Any insight of what these dreams mean will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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