Most of the plant kingdom is green, and so many dreams use it to depict something in that you is connected with growth, potential for growth, or capability of fruition and regeneration. A green living thing might emerge from apparently lifeless earth, suggesting a new living direction or feeling is emerging in your life.

These positive associations are linked in some dreams with healing or positive change, and green is often found mentioned in dreams about heaven.

The negative associations are with envy or jealousy. Also when things go mouldy they often go green, and slime or infected mucous is green, so at times green may mean something is bad or likely to undermine your health or positive feelings.

Many growing things are green before they ripen or flower, so green might also suggest not yet being ripe or lacking experience.

Because traffic lights use green as a ’go’ sign, in some dreams it can suggest a positive yes to decisions or directions you are taking.

There is an obscure but sometimes relevant connection for people who are working to unfold their inner qualities. The green leaves of plants are instrumental in allowing light to become the energy in transforming the mineral forces of the earth into living tissue. So in some dreams the green is used to show how your own process of opening to the forces of Light and Life are transforming your lower or less conscious levels of self into greater consciousness and expression. In all it is about transformation. See Life’s Little Secrets

Sometimes a dream snake is green, and this shows the possibility of great inner growth, healing and change, depending upon your relationship with the snake. See: snake.

Blue green: This indicates healing or change coming from within or from a spiritual dimension.

Dark yellow/greens: Evil intentions; growth of negative attitudes; sickness; envy; jealousy.

Greenish grey: Pessimism and lack of enthusiasm or ‘colour’ or satisfying growth in your life.

Idioms: Green fingers; green with envy or jealousy; green eyed monster; green light; green – naive.

Useful questions:

Do I sense the feeling quality of green in the dream – is so what is it?

Am I meeting changes and personal growth or healing at this time, and in what way?

If there are negative feelings in connection with the green, what of such feelings can I note in my waking life?

See: Colour.


-Ryan 2018-01-08 23:24:35

Had a dream I was at some kind of gathering and saw a man I know ,he’s in his 60s , and he was wearing a green suit. Appeared to be a darker shade and possibly velvet. Then I also saw his ex girlfriend in the room who was also wearing green and she was very tall, she is tall in but even taller in the dream. Usually when this guy appears in my dreams ,his ex girlfriend is also there. They both are known for their good looks,not sure if that matters.

    -Ryan 2018-01-08 23:31:55

    I also remember seeing a specific hockey jersey that also has green on it. Old NHL team Hartford whalers.

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