The principles that guide your direction in life. They may be a worthy or unworthy guide, depending on the principles or desires by which you are directed. The guide may also be an animal, in which case see it under its heading. Or it may be an intuitive guidance.

Example: I am sitting in a chair.  Across from me are a woman to the left and a man to the right sitting on a sofa.  They have black skin, hair and clothes.  On my right a tall man sitting…white skin hair and clothes.  I know he is a spiritual advisor, counsellor or guide.

The guide says to me “would you even say that this is a therapeutic depression?”

I am unsure as to what he means by the word “therapeutic”…but feel a little jolted, maybe insulted, for lack of a better word…maybe insulted at his implication that it was necessary for healing…and reply “No” to his question.

Many people look to their dreams as a sure guide to what to do and believe in ther life. But of course we may be influence by our fears or beliefs, and dreams cannot guide us while we take them literally, for dreams are from the world beyond rationale thought, and so thinking about their meaning is of no help. The following example may explain this.

Example: Last night, I again asked my guides to show me through my dreams whether our relationship was good for my best self. This was my dream:

I am living in a large old house with P (my husband) and I ask him about a girl that I recently discovered online who is an adult film star and frequents the same cafe that he occasionally works at. When I ask him if he knows her, he admits to me that he has known for a while and recently had oral sex with her. He apologizes, but says he is somewhat interested in her and intends to pursue her. I get very upset and verbally attack him and pull his hair and have a bit of a tantrum. When I am calm, I feel better, but still completely betrayed and saddened.

In the first place it is very seldom that any dream states things straight out as in everyday life – even in waking life things are usually not that clear. To get at the real meaning of a dream you have to enter into each character and object in the dream, and be them. Because dream come from a very ancient part of us that uses ‘felt’ things as a language of dreams. So you have to feel the quality of your dream people and objects. Try being the girl – the adult film star.

I am not you, but the first thing I have to say when I imagine myself as the film star is, “I am not a real person, only an imagined one who is about sex.” She is an imagined one because she does not actually appear in your dream, but is a raging feeling in you. As such she becomes a target to believe in. So the dream is a magic mirror reflecting you, your feelings and fears – so you see your husband in the light of a person with no integrity. Such feelings grow because you cannot ‘find him out’ and so your feeling, which you project onto him, grows, ruining the relationship, until he maybe actually finds another woman.

If I am right, instead of projecting your feelings onto your husband, try seeing where they come from in you – usually parents or a previous relationship in which you were actually left for another woman so fear it will happen again. Try Acting on your dream

So the unconscious can be seen a kind of intelligence that attempts to guide and otherwise assist the conscious self. The language of the unconscious is, however, indirect and symbolic, and requires, not interpretation, but efforts made to explore the enormous emotions and feeling hidden in the images of dreams.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you tested your guide to give you information that can be checked?

Have you simple thought about your dream or actually explored it?

What is it that guides you in life or dreams – define it if you can?

Is my guide an expression on my own wishful thinking or desires?

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