In many dreams a hat depicts ones present opinions, beliefs, or mental attitudes. For instance a Jewish skull cap would represent the religious beliefs of the wearer, a cap might suggest informal or relaxed attitudes, a hard hat used for building work suggests protectiveness, and hats are fundamentally protective in any case. A huge hat might suggest an irrational or impractical state of mind, or a mind that is expansive. See: Clothes.

The colour of the hat is of great importance too. Often a red hat suggests difficult feelings or danger is involved. See: colours

A hat can also point to a role or status, such as would be suggested by a soldier’s, chef or policeman’s hat.

In this way a hat in a dream can define what you are doing ‘in your head’ in the way you deal with your emotions, sexual desires and relationships because of your attitudes and opinions.

Some hats represent ideologies or various cultures, such as a Tibetan hat, or a Sikh head scarf. This may show how you are being influenced by or in conflict with different ideologies or ways of looking at people, life and the world.

Someone else’s hat: This often shows you what you feel or intuitively sense about the person it belongs to. In this way it might be showing you what is going on inside their head.

Someone’s hat seen without them around shows you sensing their presence in your life, their influence.

Taking off hat: In the past this was used as a sign of respect or humility. But it could also show you changing your attitude or state of mind – removing or shifting your values or thoughts.

Idioms: At the drop of a hat; brass hat; eat one’s hat; hang on to one’s hat; hang ones hat; hat in hand; hat trick; hats off; take my hat off to; tip of the hat; under one’s hat; old hat.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What type of hat is this, and does it suggest a role or status – if so how do I relate to that?

Is this hat linked with a social situation such as a party, theatre or work?

What attitude does this hat link with or illustrate, and am I expressing that attitude?

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-Brandie Gunn 2018-01-26 1:17:06

Ok so I had two different dreams recently after praying for God to come to me and give me advice in my dreams and allow me to remember them and I remember every detail but just about the hat….my fiance was walking towards me wearing a white cowboy hat with a red band and red stars he takes it off and gives it to me then disappeared from my dream when I look back down at the hat it changes into a large sun hat I would never wear but it’s still with the red band and red stars there are a lot of other very symbolic things in my dream to me however this is just about the hat right now I’m trying to piece it all together please help me!!!!

-Johnathan 2017-03-10 21:08:30

this is going to be long. but i had a crazy dream that i need help interpreting.

stopped to get food
thought we were in wendy’s but it was mcdonald’s
flirting with the girl worker, she enjoyed it
she tells me another guy in the back is wearing a beanie like mine
i go back to talk to him,
he grabs my black beanie (i’ve had this beanie in real life for years now) off my head
i lose my temper and choke him til he’s asleep
his nose starts to bleed
we run to find a getaway car in a parking lot full of throwaways
while police sirens get louder and louder
as we try to drive off the cops are already pulling us over
they make me get out and go back and apologize to the guy
he works the night shift at mcdonalds
so he tells me about how bad his life is and that i just made it worse
i apologize the best i can and give him my black beanie
i woke up

-Marie taggart 2017-02-20 13:25:43

Dreaming of a hat that I made for my cousin with a pillow attached to it then I’m opening French doors to a place near the sea can here the waves going but nice and calm then felt my husband getting on the wrong side of the bed and cuddled me tight

-mike 2017-02-03 19:40:39


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