The hips, like the knees, are the main load bearing joints and often wear out. In dreams that can indicate your ability, or lack of it, to deal with stress.

Stress can be PHYSICAL – Exposure to extremes of heat or cold. Eating, breathing, exposure to, toxic substances, poor quality food, air pollution. Too much physical activity, tight clothes restricting circulation, exposure to infection, viruses, etc.

Stress can be Psychological – Feeling unwanted, seeing oneself as a failure, being without friends or caring relatives, feeling guilt or shame about past actions, having no satisfying social role or rewards. The list here can be enormous and include many types of trauma such as childhood desertion.

Stress can be SPIRITUAL – This includes having no sense of connection with the process of life in and around you; finding no meaning in life or death; seeing life and the cosmos as wholly hostile or impersonal.

All can be felt as heavy burdens to deal with. See Managing Stress

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