Mother Child Bonding

There us a huge raft of data that supports the essence of this article; evidence from anthropology, neuroscience, peri-natal and post natal development and psychology that shows clearly, unequivocally that our nature is empathic, and that the emergence of violence in ANY given Society is directly linked to the disruption of the natural biologically mandated child-mother bonding processes.

The baby in utero is conscious and is empathically linked to the mother. At birth the baby is fully conscious and is learning, by experience, with every touch, the ways of empathy as a separate being.

The work of James Prescott, David Chamberlian, Josef Chilton Pearce and many others proves this time and time again.

Alice Millers work, amongst other things, traces the history and effects of the disruption of the natural child mother bonding process in European Cultures.

I have studied this are for over 20 years. By Cornelius

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