Difficulty, obstacle, something needing energy with which to deal with it. A hill also symbolises the climb to higher attainment, wider view of life or opportunities. A hill or mountain often represent the influence of your potential, and the energy of growth or change latent in that potential. Therefore being on a hill can show you in a state of mind, or an attitude, perhaps even a form of meditation, that is opening you to the action of the growth energy within  you.

You climb to success, or go down hill to failure, illness, death. You can see further from above, or be overshadowed at the foot of a hill.

The symbolism in the New Testament shows the crucifixion taking place on a hill, and this represents the top of the head and the sexual, emotional, mental nature being opened to a wider and less objective and self centred life. See mountain

A hole at the bottom of a hill: Especially if surrounded by shrubs, depicts the vagina. Or if like a cave it suggests you are entering more deeply into the levels of your mind. See Levels of Awareness

Going downhill: Feeling as if circumstances are pushing you; feeling you might, or have, lost control; the second half of your life, or old age. It also suggests that you are going backwards into past memories. See bridge

But sometimes going down hill leads to the beauty of everyday life, of coming down from heights and reconnecting with basics with a new view of it.

Going up hill: Difficulties; hard work or effort; the first half of our life; or life itself if it feels like an uphill struggle. Climbing a hill can link with the rising feelings of passion or sexual pleasure, or the transition from expressing energy genitally to expressing it in less physical ways. Such a shift from a lower mood or sensation to one felt as exhilarating or lighter is often shown as ascending.

Example: I was walking up a hill pushing a bicycle. Several other people went by riding theirs but that didn’t worry me. I went on up the hill and could only gasp in wonderment when I got to the top – I could see for miles and everything was in the most wonderful colours you could ever imagine. My first thought was ‘How wonderful God is to create such a beautiful world for us.’ I thanked him then and there. I thought ‘I wonder if it is like this behind me?’ as I looked around, right up close to me was what seemed like a huge black wall. As I looked along the wall, right at the end the marvellous view started, this continued round to the side of me and in the huge expanse in front. I can’t remember any road or pathway going down the hill, onwards. Muriel M.

Green sunny hillside: Feeling whole; a sense of heaven.

On a hill: A clear view of our situation; achievement; something we have made an effort to attain; expanded awareness.

Example: I was down in a low bit of a village, trying to get to a road high up on a hill where the sun was shining and was walking through dark, empty houses. Heather.

This shows the different feelings we sometimes associate with high in a hill and down in the valley.

Also: Hill or hills sometimes represent breasts or the belly.

Top of a hill: Apart from what has been said above, the top of a hill is often used in sacred symbolism to represent the crown of the head, which in turn relates to the potential we have as human animals to expand our awareness beyond what is available through our physical senses. This expanded awareness takes us beyond time and separation into a more unified life.

The term High Way is itself a wonderful symbols as the next dream shows.

Example: ‘I am riding through thick fog. I feel I should turn back. But then I see a pale golden white glow and know that if I continue to the top of the hill I will emerge from the fog into a most beautiful place.’ C. B.

C. B’s dream illustrates the emergence of the expanded awareness mentioned above in connection with the top of a hill. See: levels of awareness.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What hill am I at the starting point of, or am I going down to earth?

Do I sense a change in my feelings in connection with the hill?

What do I realise about the hill?

See: Techniques for Exploring your Dreams; altered states of consciousness; high; descending; last example in flying.


-jack 2018-01-04 20:33:04

the hill for the crucifixion came from a dream by helena, constantines mother, and a temple to venus used by pagan people was pulled down to accommodate the dream…because constantine was powerful enough to make the story fit… There is no “factual” evidence to support any crucifixion ever taking place there, though there is evidence to support a pagan temple being there.. Kinda changes the whole picture eh!

    -Tony Crisp 2018-01-08 11:39:19

    Jack – I know that, but the whole story is symbols and has tremendous meaning. Of course the story was lifted from older cultures, in which it was seen as symbolic, but the church presented it as fact.

    Have you read Clothed with the Sun? Here is a quote from it –

    I AM looking at the inside of the Serapeum at Alexandria. The temple is connected with a library which, as I see it, is still there, neither dispersed nor burnt, but filled with manuscripts,–mostly rolls upon sticks. I see a council of many men sitting at a table in the room of the library, and I see a number of names, as Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius, and others. This is called the second library of Alexandria, the former having been destroyed under Julius Caesar. The nucleus of this one was the gift of Antony to Cleopatra, who added to it and improved it immensely, till it contained all the existing literature of the world; and–why, they are deliberately concocting Christianity out of the books there! and, so far as I can see, the Gospels are little better than Ovid’s Metamorphoses (historically, I mean),–so deliberately are they making up the new religion 1 by replanting the old on the Jewish system.


-Amelia 2016-12-27 14:00:24

I have had the same dream for three years now. I have been rolling on the road on top of a tall hill. I couldn’t get up, whenever I tried, I fell down. Then a car comes towards me. I panic. I try to scream for help but my voice isn’t loud enough. I try to roll out of the way, I can’t. The car comes closer, until it looks like it’s going to hit me….Then the dream ends. Does anyone know what this means?

-Ramya 2016-06-16 8:57:28

I had a dream in which “I had to pass base of mountain to take a short cut reach my house. Mean while i will jump when small small water flowing through the hill. Next to that there will be a house i will take that house steps and enter the house corridor and take exit from that house and reach my house and house was the house which I used to live nearly 16 to 17 years ago. Please do reply me through the mail. Thank you

-Marveyon Norris 2014-11-22 13:42:13

I have had a dream about being on top of this really big hill made of nothing but bright brown dirt with only a pick-axe in my hand 17 times in a row. I have to walk down the hill or they will come to me. The zombies will run up the mountain from all sides so I would have nowhere to go and they would eat me and rip me apart while I watch and if I go down hill they will still find me and do the same thing. If can’t take this anymore, if I have this vivid dream again I might try to kill myself. It just hurts so bad. :'(

    -Brian coats 2016-02-11 5:16:57

    I find this very serious I have had a similar dream I know it’s been a few years since you have made this post but I want to give you my address and also my phone number my phone number could be changed by the time you get this message but my address will be the same. you can also look me up on Facebook I live in Florence Alabama. I am aware of your dream but I do not completely know what it means but I do think together we can both figure it out and I also have a similar dream to yours remind involves a house on top of the hill with the pretty green grass and like you said besides is pretty brown. You had 17 dreams only had like three or four my memory is so bad I can not remember does a lot of stuff to talk about that cannot be put right here in this paragraph. I do not think your dream what is un desastreI would like to swap dreams with you and help each other figure out what that mean my address is 9657 county road 61 Florence Alabama 35634 my phone number is 2563499191

-Richard 2014-09-22 15:17:44

Can I describe my recent dream to have it interpreted?

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