In some dreams we find ourselves in the past, with the feeling of those times, or involving clothes of past times. This nearly always depicts, not a past life, but your own feelings about those times and what they were like. So a cowboy scene might depict your pioneering spirit or sense of adventure. We need to define what feelings we derive from reading about or seeing films about such periods of history.

Our past; the person we were at some period in our life. But foremost among the additions to the jewels of understanding garnered in the past, is that of insight into ones personal psychological history and personal traumas. Dreams are very frequently dealing with our history of fears, traumas and programming. These are not easily identified as our history or traumas, but are given in dreams such a nighmares or fears we run away from and need to be explored in order to uncovere their full import.

We also have an enormous history of our own life. For any real exploration of self which goes beyond the limits of the physical senses and cultural norms, these internal contents – our own history and its results – must be met and integrated. It is this meeting that gives the fuel or material for the emergence of a wider awareness growing out of the limitations of everyday experience.

Within language can be found as much history as can ever be found by archaeological digs. From it we gain personal self awareness and interpersonal communication. If we could become conscious of an entire language, we would see how we and the language we use has emerged out of an immense history, an amalgamation of all human experience, constantly shifting. We would have a vision of the extraordinary mind, love, pain, and multifaceted nature of human life. This would be a god-like experience.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is your dream saying about you or your history?

Can I connect it with any feelings I gained from books or films?

What associations do I have with what the dream portrayed?

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