In general it shows the end of the world you knew up till then. We have all experienced such end when we left the womb for life outside it, when we left childhood behind and became a teenager, or when we were married or retired.

But many of us have experience a form of the holocaust in our childhood. They are people who deny emotions, experience general anxiety, guilt, general aggression, inturned aggression and difficulty in relationships. They tend to develop a false self. Sometimes these people are able to function as adults although they may be emotionally children. They often have a great capacity to struggle and to manage without ordinary. See ground-zero

Here is a statement of such a suriviver:

I have run away from myself all my fricking life trying to be normal, trying to have what other people had. The fact is I didn’t have it. I don’t actually want it. I know that can sound like sour grapes, but I have found something amazing in being myself, in learning to cope with who I am. That is quite enough to get on with. That is quite enough to learn. That is a whole university degree in survival – in being a human being – in learning to crawl out from the bloody wreck – in surviving a nuclear holocaust. In the 60’s I could never understand what ‘ban the bomb’ was all about. What are all these people worrying about the end of the world for? I had already experienced the end of the world. I have been living it all my life. What is the problem, I don’t quite understand it.

Death in dreams is always associated at a deeper level with the transformation of personality and character.

Whether we have a nuclear war or not, the very threat of war (usually perceived as a nuclear explosion in dreams from which there is no escape) is causing a great deal of anxiety in our populations, especially among children and adolescents whose image of a nuclear future tends to blunt their initiative to work towards the future. Why invest one’s time in education and work apprenticeships if there is no future in which to live? Why not indulge oneself in the present, through sex or drugs or just “hanging out”?

A Jewish doctor who worked with me as a client was the only child of two people who were the sole survivors in their families of the Holocaust. He discovered during analysis that his motivation to become a doctor arose because he knew within himself that one could be killed for simply being a Jew. Doctors were the last ones you killed.

But in dreams, wherever death is illustrated, there is also the promise of rebirth. The rebirth is the way beyond fear of death and destruction and should be sought in your dreams. See Martial Art of the Mind

Useful Questions and Hints:

Were you mixed up in the holocaust?

What were your emotions or feelings in the dream?

Did you find a way through the dreadful images?

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