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Ones basic needs such as shelter, warmth, nourishment – but usually in the sense of what we have created as our basic way of life; the values, standards, goals we have accepted as normal, or are ‘at home’ with; as in the first example. The situation or feeling state in our home, which here means family atmosphere and attitudes; the state of feeling relaxed, being oneself because away from other people and what we need to be in relationship with them. Thus a sense of being oneself, or absence of concern over other peoples criticism. In clarifying this dream symbol, it needs to be defined as to what the state of feeling was in the home, and whether one shared the space with others, and what this was like.

A home is a sort of womb in which you can grow and are born each time you step outside of it.    It is like a structure in which gives support and strength and is an enormous part of you especially when you are young. So much a part of us it is difficult to grasp where it is in our life, except in dreams when we actually explore them by using Being the Person or Thing

Future home: The direction you would like your life to take, or fear it might. See: house below.

Homeless: The negative side of feeling homeless is seen as representing big changes in your life such as leaving home, or travelling and living in another country, and so feeling abandoned by all ones friends and usual sources of support. Dreaming of being home;ess may also link with feeling life has no meaning or purpose. They may occur after going through separation or divorce, or even the death of a loved one, especially a parent or spouse.

Such dreams can reveal grief, anger, resentment and despair that has not been face or dealt with. Meeting such feelings is way Facing and working through these feelings is important and may show emotional blockages.

The positive side of homelessness is realised as a feeling that our home is in ourselves and we feel at home wherever we are. Sometimes it comes out of a realisation of our spirit – our knowledge of our oneness with Life/God/Self. Our awareness of being in eternity, of release from all the anxiety, worries, thoughts and fears humans are often locked in.

In a past home: Depicts the parts of our character or experience which developed in that home environment.

Moving into your own home: This is a move toward independence, toward being at ease and not having to be influenced by other peoples needs or influence.

Someone else’s home: What we sense as the attitudes and atmosphere – or the situation prevailing in that home. So a young woman going to the home of her lover and his wife, shows her facing the fact of her lover’s home situation and commitment in marriage.

Example: the track I had worn across a small front lawn because I had used a shortcut instead of walking along the path, had shouted at me about my lack of care. Now inside the house, the same things showed themselves in the state of my house, my inner health. I was humbled by my feelings of love for my wife, but more humbled by how much I owed her, and how little pay. Despite all, she had stayed. The dog jumped up at me, pleased to have me home. The children all had something to ask or tell. The house was untidy, but it was home where they were.

Mark wanted food. I had to watch Neal’s nose while he quivered it and told me it was a motorcar engine. Helen I held close. She said that we were both number one triangle on the fireguard.

Having realised that the door was me, and gone inside, I saw that for years I had been so bound up with myself that the whole house reflected my neglect. It was my neglect.  Even so, despite that there was my wife, who I had come home for. There were the children. And as I entered I looked at the map of the world I had stuck on the wall. I saw it as the children might see it. That is, not just as a picture, but as colours and a feeling. The light was switched on in the kitchen. It was soft coming into the darkened room I was in. There was a lot I could not be proud of. But the map, and the light in the kitchen, that was home.

Example: ‘I was sitting in the living room at home and my mum was sitting there; like we do when we’re relaxing in the evening. From nowhere in particular my dad was there. He held his girlfriend in his arms and displayed her in front of us. She was stark naked. My mum tensed up, tightened her lips, and tried to look away. I felt acutely embarrassed for me, mum, dad and his girlfriend.’ Lynsay S.

Example: ‘I am walking down a busy street when I realise all I have on are my bra and pants. Everyone is staring at me and I try to appear unconcerned but feel more and more embarrassed as I go on. Eventually the street and the people fade and I am alone in my own home and a great sensation of relief comes over me. I do not bother to put any more clothes on but wander about the house secure in the comfort people are no longer looking at me. Mrs S. C. This depicts the home as absence of demands made on us by other people or social rules – so the ability to be oneself.

Example: What arose from within myself, seemingly as if from my own wholeness, was that even the common animals can, with a little effort, build themselves a home. A chimpanzee, will reach out for, and with a few branches create a place to be. Whereas we human beings, especially in Western culture, particularly in the United Kingdom, have to work hard perhaps for 25 years or more to own a dwelling place. Why do we have to live in such a uncertainty? Why does our social system keep us running after a carrot for so many years?

It is fundamental for an animal to be able to reach out and get the raw materials to build its own nest. Whereas with a human being we may have to pay for that nest all our life. For some strange reason many of us seem to accept this as normal. Yet it is a fundamental human right to be able to have a place to live that does not produce stress – the stress of debt for instance. As things stand, every tiny shift in government policy about the percentage of interest in repayments, causes uncertainty and anxiety. To be manipulated by such anxieties into being work machines is not right. It is something to be rejected. We should not accept it.


Idioms: Bring something home to someone; close to home; come home to roost; home and dry; broken home; home truth; home is where the heart is; feel at home.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do you feel at ease or ill at ease in your dream house?

Is the house in the dream not my home as I know it?

What is happening in my dream?

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-Christoffer 2018-05-11 14:40:57

Hi Tony!
I had a dream about air conditioning ducts within the wall of my home. I tried to find something on it here but I couldn’t find it. It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on it!
Best regards/

-Monkie 2016-11-01 7:47:32

Hi! I dreamt that I had been somewhere together with the boy I’m in love with (I don’t know him, he went to the same school as I did) and his best friend. We were walking on the sidewalk towards my home, (this place and the way we walk is the same way I would walk in real life), and the friend was walking next to me while my crush was walking in front of us. The two of them were talking to each other mostly, but I talked a little as well. I got the feeling the friend was really into talking to me, he talked with enthusiasm and was smiling a lot, while my crush was more like he wanted to get somewhere, but I think I said a few words to him as well. We walked this way along the sidewalk and the surroundings were as they are in real life. We come to this place where the way splits in two, and I tell them that the busstop over there is the last one if they wanna get home. They agree with what I say but we keep on walking and I feel kind of anxious about them seeing my home. As we turn and walk the way towards my house instead of the way towards the busstop the surroundings turn out to be quite different. In the dream I didn’t react to this though. We come across a little cabin, I think it was baby blue. My loved boy enters this cabin in a playful way and then so does his friend. I stand outside but I’m still with them, and the entrance is open. They are playing music (I guess they’ve been doing that for a while) and suddenly a song from my list starts playing (it’s metal, which I really like, but can’t really stand for) and we all act chocked. People on the other side of the way passing by look at us like we’re weird and kind of chocked as well. Can you please help me understand the meanings hidden in this dream?

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