The present limit of your perceptions or experience. The cusp or threshold around which something appears or disappears. A goal or aim.

We can in our dreams have vast horizons or narrow horizons, and so you need to ask yourself what is meant if you dream about a vast horizon, and what state of mind is indicated by narrow horizon.

Example: After many, many dreams I had a final dream before waking up. I was heading across miles and miles of land, forest and lush green land. I saw a huge glowing mountain on the horizon (flaming? It felt like a positive creative glow, not destructive burning). I ran towards the mountain, but I was hundreds of feet above the green canopy, taking “Mr. Fantastic” long-legged strides. (Mr. Fantastic is a comic character that can stretch his body all over.) So I was moving towards the mountain, with my long, long legs on the ground but my head and focus up high in the air. I felt myself go deep into my mental energy and my mind, and I used that vantage point to move faster and farther. I began stepping so far and fast that the land around me blurred while I moved and came into focus slightly between steps. I felt big and that I had come to a point in my mind that I had not yet discovered.

Example: There was sand, it was deep, became deeper and very soft. Then I was swimming in it! Was so soft and oily – a bit like the Dead Sea water, then my two friends were there and suddenly they kind of sailed/swum/drifted off to the distance. Then I looked to the horizon and the distant hill had what looked like dust rising off the horizon line – like sand or dust rising because of the rain hitting it – but the longer I looked the more I realised it was not dust rising but actually a large number of tigers – yet in/under or actually made of the sand of the land – i.e. sand was tigers, running in large numbers, up over the hill – so I saw the point at which they were reaching the top of the hill and just running over back down again…. They were running fast, at a fast and steady pace over and down, over and down… beautiful it looked.  The sand was golden and yellow and soft and ONE. I live in the dessert…

It seems that only while you are alone do you begin to realise you have an awareness of something wild a beautiful in the desert. Maybe you felt it subtly while you were in the desert alone. I believe it is that in a desert or a landscape where there are not a wide variety of colours, we begin to have a sense of oneness, of feeling something very special. That is probably why your dream showed it as swimming; sometimes it is shown as flying. That is why you experienced your core self as oneness.

Example: Winston Churchill reported an extraordinary vision experienced during anaesthesia. During it he reached a state of mind in which he felt that his awareness encompassed all that existed and was to be known. In this exalted state he was gradually aware there was another horizon forming beyond his present knowledge. Then he broke through to this new realm, gradually reached the point of once more feeling he encompassed it all, only to find another horizon.

The dream horizons can shift and show us visions of things we cannot grasp if we stick to our present attitudes and convictions. I see in peoples dreams an often shown scene; there is a room with many doorways. As the dreamer opens a doorway they see a landscape; another doorway shows a completely different scene, and so on.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How would you describe the horizon in your dream?

What qualities did the horizon have?

Did you travel beyond the horizon?

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