Something with a catch in it. You can be hooked on drugs, drink or love for someone, hook on to an idea, opportunity. The hook might suggest a question mark. The ability to ‘hook’ a woman. Can also refer to a left hook to the jaw in boxing.

It is often used in dreams in hooking one thing to another, suggesting connections of some sort. Look up what is being connected to clarify the meaning. If it is a hook to hang things on it might refer to a hang up, hung up on drugs or alcohol; or the hook could be a support.

From the point of view of dreams, the conscious mind is rod and line. The dream is the bait, the question the hook. These are lowered into the waters of the unconscious by becoming quiet and passive, letting the question and dream sink into lower levels of consciousness by stilling the upper levels. Then, like the fisherman, one has to be patient. One waits for the line to pull. It is no use thinking or analysing, the real answer comes as intuition hooked by the question.

We can be hooked on a projection on someone. Often it is something, a fault that we hide in ourselves and hate when we meet it in someone else. Or it can occur when we as a woman  or man cannot accept or integrate the opposite gender. This leads to being the victim of fruitless loves for a man or woman – the  projection onto an outer person what is denied in themselves.

For hooker see prostitute archetype of the prostitute

Idioms: by hook or by crook; hook up with; hook, line and sinker; off the hook; ring off the hook; hooker

Useful Questions and Hints:

What if anything is being hooked or hooke up?

Was it working out what was being done?

Am I hooked on someone or something?

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