Fear of being severely hurt or hurting others by stinging remarks or attitudes. It is also any thought the dreamer had that are a form of inturned criticism like beating oneself up. So it could also stand for hurtful and malicious thoughts turning and hurting the dreamer.

Example: A man dreamed he was in his office. Hornets, whose stomachs were colored red and yellow, buzzed around him. “None attacked me, although I felt I should prevent their further reproduction. I took a container and bottled them in the wall.” This was a warning that the working conditions surrounding him were exemplified by the red and yellow colored bellies of the hornets, reflecting the adrenal glands, an emotional centre. The bottling up of the hornets was the warning to the dreamer to stop, wherever possible, all negative, stinging remarks flying around the office and his own participation in them. From Cayce files.

Example: I noticed a hornets nest in the side of the house. The next door neighbour knocks it off and hornets enter the house and sting me. I angrily show the neighbour and son the huge watery swellings. I clout the boy for a stirring up the hornets. I had held my arms above my head and the swelling decreases. Now, with lowered arms I see a bubbling up of skin spread up my arms to chest, then to my entire front. I have no apparent sexual organs because I am covered in a wafer of dead skin. My wife looks at me and has no feeling of caring, and does nothing to help. She is telephoning another man. I see him and her at the same time. He says for them to go off together, and gives the impression of how sexually adequate he is, and how inadequate I am. I feel so hurt and angry I decide to leave my wife for good.

In this dream the neighbour is the dreamers own thoughts of what other people will think of him. It irritates him so much that people would see him as not a real man because of his sexual inadequacy that he decides to stop any sexual feelings for his wife. So then he creates the fantasy that his wife has another man. The root of the problem was that the results of sex were so awful and painful it led to him cutting of sexual expression.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In what way do I put myself down or beat my self up?

Do other people’s opinion of me hurt me?

Do I feel I am inadequate?

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-Maggie 2016-12-07 4:55:09

I keep having this dream where a member of my family or a close friend and I are hanging out at my house and suddenly, they turn into a huge swarm of hornets that just chase me, and chase me, and don’t let me escape. Does any one have any insight into what this might mean ? Thank you

-Margaret 2016-08-26 20:36:31

I had a dream yesterday, and it’s been bugging me ever since… I dreamt I was roaming a farm that I’d grown up on when I was much younger… and there had been a huge yellow hornet that had been following me around the whole time. I wasn’t especially bothered by it, albeit being totally terrified of anything and everything that flies that isn’t a butterfly. But all of a sudden it landed on my arm, and it was if it was looking at me while it did so – as if being… spiteful. Either way, I could see that it was extending it’s stinger and immediately, I grabbed it by it’s head. I applied pressure, and there was a pop – like popping a balloon, and it was gone. Dead. It strikes me as odd, this dream… because I am deathly afraid of hornets/wasps. Anyone have any idea of what it means?

-jacob 2016-01-19 6:52:01

i just had this dream were im cleaning my room and this huge hornet is annoyed by the fact that i cut some flowers that were growing through the corner of my window, I was frightened by its size (roughly the size of a labrador) the fight lasted about ten minutes. Eventually after using up an entire wasp spray bottle i managed to get it to go out the window, i then closed all windows and doors but it was just waiting for me, trying to get in. then i woke up
I have never had dreams like this before can anyone tell me what the hell?

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