Inner characteristics; the tendencies to be dealt with in life; irrational or intuitive knowledge that can instruct you concerning your fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Even if the dreamer does not believe in horoscopes, he or she probably still associates them with characteristics arising out of natural influences, or a person’s unique relationship with the cosmos. Therefore the dream horoscope may well depict that.

If you dream of a Goat – Aries, Bull – Taurus, Twins – Gemini, a Crab – Cancer, a Lion – Leo, a Virgin – Virgo, Scales – Libra, a Scorpion – Scorpio, the Centaur – Sagittarius, Fish/Goat – Capricorn, the Water Carrier – Aquarius, Fishes –  Pisces – it is worth exploring your dream, as it usually carries real information about you than any ready made horoscope. I am a Taurus and bulls appear in my dreams 35 times. Each time they gave me information that was not always complimentary, but was really true and helpful. See Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the animal or sign in my dreams a real reference to me?

What way does my dream deal with horoscope?

Have I ever had my horoscope done by a professional – not printed ready made?

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