Sometimes a hose can indicate ones intestines or penis.

A hose can be air hose, for water or for oil, gas/petrol or to drain something, as with a dentist. Bit is usually depicts a force or energy that can be directed in various ways – on, off, constructively, playing around, destructively or carelessly.

If it is a garden hose for watering, then it is about your efforts to look after and promote your inner growth. An air hose can indicate mental efforts or internal pressure, which can be a stimulus or anxiety.

Example: But the dreamer is told that he must learn something about contact with the higher forces. It is demonstrated that his method of handling this matter may be why it has not worked for him.  These hoses, this force, they are not to be treated lightly or carelessly.  They must be handled thoughtfully and with great care.

Hosing: This can indicate a cleaning or clearing impulse in you, or a way of deterring others getting near you. But it can be used in police techniques to control a crowd. Sex play. See: pipe; water; garden.

Medical hose: What was the hhose doing in the dream? Was it healing or destructive?

Example: As I was lying on the bed I see the doctor holding a big syringe like object with a white hose connected to it. At this time I could see myself through another person’s eyes and as I watch myself screaming in pain. I saw the doctor putting the hose inside me and I felt the hose sucking the baby that was inside me and I could feel it leaving my body.

Panty hose: Depends what you are doing with them. Ask yourself what feelings are being shown in the dream.

Tangled hose: Obviosuly you are not taking enough care in handling the flwo of forces in your life. Ask yourself how you are dealing emotionally- do you feel tangled in any way?

Washing machine hose: This could relate to your efforts to clean up areas of your life. If the hose bursts it might mean that your energy of emotions is causing a mess.

Idioms: hose it down/ hose it off;

Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of hose is it and what feelings are felt?

How were you using the hose –w ith care or playfully?

Were there destructive or bad things happening?

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