Hospital Gown

This may suggest there is some sort of healing process at work in your life at the moment. If not that then there is need for care or an involvement with hospital or sickness in some form.

The hospital gown also can suggest vulnerability or being looked after by others, or in a dependent relationship.

A hospital gown is often put on before an operation, and if there is any suggestion of that in the dream then it is linking with a big change in you, or the need to attend to something within you that is not healthy. In most cases this refers to a psychological difficulty or bad adaptation to your life situation, but it can at times point to a physical ill. If this is a strong feeling in the dream, have a medical check.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Apart from the gown, what is going on in this dreams regarding why the gown is being worn, and what can I understand from that?

Is there illness in the dream, and if so what is it and what does that suggest physically or as an analogy?

What is felt about the gown and the situation?

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-Reese 2018-01-12 21:29:01

I dreamed that I was wearing a hospital gown and a pair of red heels. I was on my way to confront an ex lover of mines.

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