This often suggests an attitude of casualness, or relaxed social situation. This also depends on the condition of the jeans.

If you only wore jeans at a certain period of your life then they indicate that time, and what you felt and confronted then.

Example: I dreamt I was looking at and trying on an old pair of jeans. They were quite worn and had some holes in. As I put them on I wondered why I was wearing them as I had stopped wearing jeans when I was much younger, and it was a phase of my life I didn’t want to return to.  Zeb.

Example: He’s realized that I am wonderful and he loves me. He tells me this and we hug. Now he’s in jeans and tee-shirt, has black hair, and black framed glasses. I am lying down and when he and I embrace, I feel a pain in the genital area. He says he put cardboard there so he’d look and feel like he had a bigger penis. As we hug, I feel so happy to be connected with him and then I say, “I’ll probably wake up hugging a pillow.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If you still wear jeans, ask yourself what situations you wear them in, and what this means to you?

Are the jeans  ones from the past, old ones or new ones? If from the past or old remember when you wore them, and what memories are connected with them. If new ones what feelings are connected with them?

What is activity or feelings are connected with the jeans in the dream?

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