Pleasurable ‘warm’ feelings; passion for someone. Hot can be pleasurable are harmful. It can destroy thing as with fire. Heat can cause pain and so one has an automatic reaction to avoid it, which is not always useful in dreams.

Heat can be a sign or excitement or tremendous change or activity – as when the body is fighting an infection or clearing toxins.

We are all alive because of the slow fire that is lit within us. The fuel it burns is the food we eat, and it is excited by the air we breath, so some dreams show this is their images.

Example: I dreamt I was creating a program. In the end I copied the whole program – all its parts – and put it ‘in’. This meant I could access all the parts at once without having to go out of one segment into another. This still didn’t feel exactly what I wanted, but it felt better, an improvement. My wife said that during the night I was very hot, like I was in a fever. That is how it felt – like I was working in such an intense way, I was electrified and buzzing.

Example: When the gunshot wonded flesh was in the antiseptic the blood bubbled and effervesced, becoming hot. I felt the flesh would not be of any use now, but wasn’t sure.

Example: I begin to feel as if I am opening to something of immense power. I have an image of myself seated and almost glowing with this power, and oriental people are backing away from me. They are not doing this with fear, but with something of the attitude or feeling one might have when you stand near to a big fire and it is too hot to be close to.

Example: There are four devils trying to get into my body and take over. My bedroom is going like a whirlpool around me, like evil all around me. I wake in a hot sweat and am terrified to go back to sleep.’ Joanna. LBC.

Joanna’s dream and hot sweat was the result of the fear she felt and the struggle she felt. She was fighting against her own urges. Dreams are simply images we use to express what we feel. She was fighting against being controlled. See Reaction to the unconscious

Very hot or burning: Potentially painful emotions or passions, which may leave their mark. See: fire.

Hot water: It can be that you have done something that you judge is not approved of by others, or you know you are in trouble now. See compass

Idioms: Be hot on; hot and bothered; hot blooded; hot headed; hot stuff; in hot water; in the hot seat; make it hot for someone; hot air; a hot hand; a hot number; a hot ticket; a hot topic; drop him like a hot potato; got the hots for; hot and bothered; hot goods; hot off the press; hot on the trail; hot on your heels; hot stuff; hot tempered; hot topic; hot under the collar; it’s cold / it’s hot; not so hot; shit hot; strike while the iron is hot; too hot to handle; sell like hotcakes; hotdog; hothead; hotshot; cat on hot bricks; hot blooded; in hot water


Useful Questions and Hints:

What category of hot does your dream fit into?

Was ther any pain for discomfort in your dream?

Where you in ‘hot water’ in any way?

Was there pleasure or pain in the dream?

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