Something to do with persistence, or following clues or chasing something or someone down.

A hound can follow a subtle clue, such as a scent, and show you where to find it. People often use the word hound to mean someone is really bothering them, perhaps life a stalker. See dog

Example: S is trying to integrate A through sexual intercourse, but that is not the way this unification can come about. As A, that kind of union is no longer there for me to give and as A I am not honest in even this attempt to give her what she keeps hounding me for, so my anger takes over and I am not entering her in a loving way. This is not who I am, so as A I am violently ill with the contact of our bodies and souls, and this horrible green jealousy and envy of S grabs me and attacks me. I recoil violently as it wants to consume me, but I am an old soul and very strong and experienced, so I am able to wretch and expel it from my body.

Example: A large puma was in some bushes. I was encouraging my dog, but suddenly realised the cat was in a snare – its back left leg was in the wire. I called the dog off and went to try to take the snare off. I was apprehensive the cat might attack me. But it pulled loose by itself, the wire trailing from its leg as it ran up the hill. As it went I noticed it had a large moist vagina the size of a woman’s. Then two hounds began to worry something in the spot the cat had been. An animal was hiding in a blanket or cloth. I drove the hounds off and saw the animal was a huge anaconda or rock snake. I caught hold of it behind the head, but it pushed hard, but I could just about hold it. It seemed to understand what I wanted though, and folded itself back into the material.

An insight into this dream came from exploring it: The Puma somehow is my relationship with my wife and my own feelings. I have struggled long and hard with my sexual drive to be free of negative feelings. The snake is my own sexuality and masculinity or creativity. We work together now after initial struggle for control. I felt deeply loving toward my wife for being my companion and helper in this discovery of myself. It is an acceptance of my own physical delight and my own strength. See Reptilian Brain

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are the hounds or hound helping me or hounding me?

What do I or did I feel about the hound(s)?

Have I ever enjoyed seeing a dog tracking something?

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