New areas of self. Attitudes in self that may not be permanent. States of mind or being in which you are lodging, holidaying, or passing through on your way to somewhere else. Luxury and ease.

A dreamt of hotel might also link with work or an opportunity you had; or even a sexual affair that happened. If it is temporary are you involved in constant activity with much coming and going of ideas.

When you stay in a hotel you temporarily transfer your feelings about territory to the room you hire. But you know it is only temporary, and so dream hotels often link with a situation you are in that will not last long, or that you are moving through. This may be in connection with work or relationships, or even the way you feel, depending on what else is in the dream.

The dream hotel may also be about feelings of getting away from pressures, demands and duties that you face at home. Or it can depict your journey, your shifting values.

For many people a hotel is a place of work. If this applies to you, then the other activities in the dream are commenting on your work situation or how you feel about it. If your main association with hotels is about holidays, then your dream is exploring your need to relax, and perhaps your hopes of what you might find in that relaxation. What is it you are looking for or hope for?

If you have used hotels as a place for sex, then ask yourself what your dream message is about that.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you worked or lived in a hotel for a long period?

Do you use hotels for holidays?

Have you been involved with hotels as a place to have a relationship?

Are you going through changes or uncertainty?

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-Hilda 2017-01-05 14:05:32

I dreamt that I was checking out of a hotel with my cousin and we left the room a mess. We left all our clothing and just took things of value. I remember taking DVD with us

-Fox 2016-05-01 22:17:58

In my dream, I was staying in a hotel in a city that seemed foreign to me but I assumed it to be New York (I’ve never been). Everyone staying inside the hotel was my age (late teen/early 20s) and really nice and all trying to party. Meanwhile everytime I tried to go outside I wanted to come back in because all the people throughout the streets were assholes.

-Shabnam 2012-08-20 1:49:52


I had a dream last night where I was calling to different hotels trying to book rooms for me and my currently ex-boyfriend. I called the first place and said that me and my housband wanted to live in their hotel but we want separate rooms, the person working for the hotel said that it’s unesseray to book two separate rooms when we are together and it’s a waste of space. The second hotel I called I said he was my fiance instead but got a no there too. The third place I called I said that he was my friend and they approved. I remember that the hotel was a cabin in the middle of the woods.

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