Childhood family feelings; basic uncomplicated situation or relationship.

It can link with memories of holidays or a relationships on holiday. It can link with work and how you do it – with quality or slipshod.

There are often a lot of sexual indications in connection with dream huts. Also a hut, especially if it is a native type hut can indicate ones primitive feelings and urges.

In some initiation rites for males, the boys live in huts shaped like a dragon or crocodile. This is a symbol of a young boy’s struggle to become independent of the mother and the power of the unconsciousness. In a similar way a sweat lodge in a heated hut or tent has a similar note of initiation, in which the dreamer changes from one level to another – a boy into a man; a girl into a woman; a woman or man into an elder of the tribe/family.

 Example: There was a girl about 17 and she lived in a small hut that was made up of wood and covered in banana leaves (dead). She was living on her own until a boy about 17 as well came to live with her. He was very sexy but the two were not dating or anything. It was like a room mate. Well the girls father that lived a few huts away (the huts were spaced pretty far apart, like 3 acres apart, but it was a small village) the place seemed to have no bad weather anytime or anything; it was sunny all the time and everyone had tanned skin. No one ever got sunburned. Well the father came over and saw the boy and thought that they were having sex but they weren’t. The girl went to her father and explained that he saw things wrong. So they got on better.

Example: I looked and saw it was badly done, and was seeing how to smooth it. But the place I was going to work was across the estate about three hundred yards away, where there were a lot of small huts. Then I was driving away with the thought I was going to start work the next morning.

Example: We walked a bit further and came to a hut beside the road. we laid down behind the hut in some long grass to make love but suddenly I saw a snake and jumped up. It turned out to be only a bicycle pump but by now we were aware of other people nearby and the moment had gone.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was my relationship with the hut?

Did I face any trials or was it in any way sexual?

Was I in a tribal or primitive environment?

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