Having a hysterectomy doesn’t kill your woman’s ability to conceive of the new. As the examples will show. And because you are a woman, remember that you have all that creative energy built into your body. As a woman you conceive in all manner of ways, from new ideas, to discovering new parts of you to nurture, so let the new birth of an idea, a new project, or even a dream baby you gave birth to grow, feed it, love it, and watch it grow.

But if you have had a hysterectomy it can be a big shock to your feelings of confidence in being a woman. But the later examples will show a different side to this.

 Example: ‘I was in a small terraced house with a friend I had known years earlier. It was her house, there were two or three children in it. Suddenly, it caught fire, I wanted to stay and put the fire out but she did not. She dragged me outside and down the street. We saw the house burn down. I had this dream the day I got home from hospital, after undergoing a hysterectomy.’ Mrs G.

Here the fire depicts the consuming feelings of loss regarding Mrs. G’s child bearing function. Also the ending of a phase or era of her life.

Any creative person who has dreamt of giving birth after hysterectomy will tell you that what emerges in the creative act is alive. It doesn’t matter what it is, it lives. It is thrilling to be part of its development, even if that, like pregnancy, it stretches and challenges you. You can feel this thing connecting you with something more than you have ever touched or known before. Go with it.

 Example: Dreamt I was pregnant and felt incredible urge to “push” but it was far too early in the pregnancy. But I couldn’t fight the urge to push and felt the child coming and everyone was upset, then woke up. I never wanted children, have none, and have had a hysterectomy. But that feeling of “fullness” and needing to push stayed with me all the next day. It was very disturbing.

The dreamer, like most people, did not accept she has an inner life that is quite distinct and separate from your her life – her body. A hysterectomy is a thing of the body, but she is a woman, and has the power of creativity, shown in the dream as a baby needing to be born. The urge to push is a sign of great creativeness that she is denying. See A Woman’s Creative Power

 Example: I was standing over my toilet and noticed a baby’s head emerging from my vagina. I reached down and grabbed hold and helped finish birthing him. It was a baby boy and he was healthy. I handed him off and then I remember birthing the placenta. what makes this all so strange is that when I gave birth to my real children I had C sections. I never birthed them “naturally”. And I also cannot have anymore children because I had hysterectomy a year ago. But it was vivid so real and I have thought about it ALL morning. What could it mean?

As a woman you have the power of creation, even though you had a hysterectomy. Of course you cannot create physically as you once did, but yoy can create an inner reality as you have with the baby you birthed.

 Example: “I dreamed that I wasn’t feeling well I had a bit of stomach ache and the next thing I was having a baby we were at home. We didn’t have anything for the baby because we didn’t know about it. It was a boy and we were looking at Kaiden or Cameron for a name. This is really freaking me out because it was so real but the funny thing is that everything was all calm and peaceful and we were all laughing about what happened. The fact that I’ve had a hysterectomy made it stranger please let me know”

Because you do not have the equipment any more to have a physical baby does not mean your basic nature has lost is creativeness. Lots of women who have had a hysterectomy have dreams or giving birth. This is because it is a way of knowing that you are still a complete woman; after all, a man who losing a leg does not feel he has lost himself in the process. Your dreams know that you are more than body, and even though parts of the body have been lost, you are still whole. Also to give birth to a child in a dream shows you bringing forth a new part of you. It is vulnerable as any baby is, but this new ability will quickly grow into a recognisable part of you. Many women feel that a hysterectomy has taken away their life, their womanhood and their inbuilt purpose. But such dreams show you that althoguh you cannot produce a physical baby you are still have the wonderful creative power of all women.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What were my feelings about the hysterectomy in the dream?

Do I realise that I am a creative person?

Can I own my own femininty and creativeness?

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