A cold and perhaps unloving home environment. Also the womb; frigidity; a sense of uncaring parental influence. See: ice.

An igloo could also suggest a safe and warmth of a protection against the cold; a home midst the cold world.

Or a place of shamanistic initiation wherein through trials you find who you are.

 Example: A small child sat on the ground outside a small cave like igloo, with a few  rocks in the foreground – and a feeling of barren hard surroundings and lines would slowly come down from the top of this scene like a television on the  blink. and as I watched this scene I knew that one of the lines would mean the end for the child. It was like Russian roulette. The tension and fear increased  as more lines came down.

Example: I want to be true to me. I want to live apart from the external voices that pull at me. I want to nurture my core. This is my act of inner will: the seed of my life that sprouts in the compost of despair. I seek my Big Dream. I seek to meet the eternal ones. I seek the vision that will guide my life. Had I been an Eskimo, I might have been dragged on the shaman’s sled to a secluded igloo where I would be left to starve and freeze for a month. There I might experience a symbolic death, receive a guiding vision for my life and open a permanent channel for inspiration.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel trapped in a cold environment, or am I the cold one?

What am I feeling in connection with the igloo?

Am I seeking to find great changes in my life?

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