Feeling a lack of power or authority when confronted by others. Difficulty in expressing yourself, or in defining ideas. Fear of saying something stupid, or being thought a fool for your opinions. Indecision, conflicting ideas, perhaps arising from ridicule, criticism or punishment during your early years. Sometimes a result of conflicting ideas or urges.

Because we are a flow of energy, and that energy can be expressed as movement, sex, hunger, emotion, self expression through our voice, intellectual insights and cosmic consciousness, we can be blocked in the way our energy is expressed. Being inarticulate is a form of blockage. The blockage can be caused by such an enormous amount of causes, but there is a way of letting your energy flow in your voice. Try the method outlined here Using the Voice

 Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you ever had insights into what causes your difficulty?

Has there ever been times when all restrictions fell away?

Can you break through by expressing excitement as in the technique of the voice?

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