An atmosphere you may be spreading by the way you think or feel. It can indicate the power of prayer, of meditation, invocation and loving, devotional thoughts sent to the highest in you. So can be seen as a power in you that is being used.

Incense burning in many cultures, including Western Christianity (Hindus, Buddhists) is tied to purification and sending prayers up to Creator/God on the smoke. smoke arising from incense or joss sticks is connected with thoughts or pleas rising from people to deity, and as a form of cleansing, in many cultures. This pot for burning incense is to cleanse and raise the vibrations of the church.

Many people waft the incense over them as a sign of cleansing. This probably is a form of autosuggestion, for movement can represent an intention. It the case of lighting incense or using its smoke as a cleansing, it is the intention that is the great mover or cleanser. If the person can consciously feel the intention the movement is not necessary.

In India the ash from incense or joss sticks in temples is sometimes seen as holy and as having special powers of healing or prosperity, perhaps in a spiritual fashion. This ash carries the influence of the guru into ones life, and at the same time reminds one that physical life ends in such dust.

In the East the incense in the past was probably burning leaves of marijuana, and so there was an actual power to shift consciousness.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What did you feel about the incense?

Did it influence you in nay way?

Was it used to create an atmosphere of for healing?

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