Inflate Inflation

This might refer to breathing in some way; it can also depict what happens to an image or idea we have, that becomes inflated with energy, and takes on a life of its own. Also to fill up or be carried away by a sense of your own cleverness, superior abilities, knowledge and power.

Carl Jung also used the terms ‘inflation’ and ‘negative inflation’ to describe psychological conditions. The first he described as egocentric and conscious of nothing but themselves and their one importance. They are incapable of learning from the past or understanding contemporary events.

The negative inflation is typified an unrealistic low opinion of themselves. It usually means the person has failed to meet or integrate an unconscious trauma or difficulty. Thus they live in a shadow world of despair and despondence.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Have you created a world inflated by your own energy?

Do you feel you are a wonderful and clever person?

Or are you living in a world of shadows?

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