Inquest Inquiry

An attempt to understand; very often an examination of past experiences that killed some part of you, or caused feelings to die or be injured.

An inquest is to properly understand. Or it can be concerned with parts of your experience you need to let go of and bury.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it you are trying to understand or be clear about?

Has a part of you died and needs to be examined?

Have you been the inquisitor?

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-M X 2016-12-05 14:22:01

Had a dream that tapeworm like parasite leeches on my face and sucking blood from it and I was bleeding profusely as I was with my family whom I don’t speak with anymore. Blood gushing out as I pulled it off my face and ran away. Somehow the parasite managed to find me again and latched on my face about 3 more times until I found my sister and hid from it.

-Jerica Rasmussen Thoms 2014-04-08 8:17:45

Tony, I have a curipus dream, and I was wondering if you could provide insight. In my dream, a large (about 8 foot long!), bright yellow, smooth, wingless, blind insect with round head & long & narrow abdomen (wasp?) was inside the back door of my house, slowly building a cocoon around itself. I was fascinated and impressed with it and wanted to look closely at it, but didn’t want to touch or disturb it, as I thought it may sting or crawl on me. But I also wanted it out of my houseI Any thoughts?Thanks!

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