An inside pocket, inside a house, tree, car, most often represents your own inner feelings or desires, perhaps usually unacknowledged.

Inside a house, or other environment, means you are feeling, or involved in what that environment represents.

Our inner being encompasses all aspects of life, and should be allowed safe expression. Inside you there are a murderer, a great lover, a sadist and homosexual, an inventor and genius, an angel and devil, as well as God and the stars. To repress them is to force them into expression in your outer life. It is our thoughts and fears that create the monsters inside us.

We all have the creative ability to solve problems; otherwise we would not have survived so long. This ability is always there inside you. That wonderful ability belongs to you.

What do we carry inside us? Well we carry our whole past history inside us and dreams show it to us if we learn from them. It is ridiculous, as far as dreams are concerned to say, “I have left my past behind me.” See Inner World

 Example: The people watching are saying ‘Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!’ Then someone finds an extra bullet, puts it in the gun and shoots me in the stomach. I wake with my body completely straight with my hands on my stomach. I feel my whole body cracking up inside.’ Vanessa. LBC

Vanessa wakes to just such tension, with a sense of her body being fragmented. In her dream Vanessa was re-enacting a disaster in which a man rampaged and shot down many people, and she was feeling the fear it engendered.

 Example: We embraced and kissed. The feeling of mutual pleasure was intense. So much so I felt what she was feeling as if we did not have separate bodies. I felt an orgasm grow inside her pelvis and reach its pitch, flowing into the rest of her body. It was her orgasm but it felt as if it were mine also. It was a beautiful melting experience with no harshness or disappointment anywhere. Damon.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I inside something or is it inside me?

What does the dream suggest I am dealing with?

Am I sensing something inside of someone else?

See Techniques for Working your DreamsBeing Person or thingQuestions


-Crystal 003 2017-01-26 15:47:36

Hi last night I had a couple of weird dreams. My first I was at our family oark looked up a swarm of ladybugs were aboveme in the sunlit trees then all of a sudden I look at my arms I’m dropping with honey and have tons of ladybugs embedding themselves into my skin digging in my flesh I soon became scared, disgusted and worried. It looked painful but didn’t hurt. Then I started to dream about certain people around me and snakes one sabke in particular wouldn’t leave my sight. CA you give me some inside on what this could possible mean. I also dreamed of an exes uncle dying while having the rosary his uncle came back to lie I got scared ran off he came after me and told me he just wanted to give me a hug an xif I was alright wanted to know how me and my kids were. This was the other day but these dreams are very vivid and seemed very real.

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