Ideas of special importance to you. They usually synthesise a great deal of knowledge or information in the sign. To understand them in depth you need to use Techniques for Working your Dreams

Jung distinguished between a symbol and a sign. Insignia on uniforms, for instance, are not symbols but signs that identify the wearer. In dealing with unconscious material (dreams, fantasies, etc.), the images can be interpreted as known or knowable facts, or symbolically, as expressing something essentially unknown.

Before the liberation of Rome in 312 AD, Emperor Constantine experienced a waking vision of a cross of light which bore the inscription Conquer by This. Christ appeared in Constantine’s dream that night and told him to have the insignia represented on the shields of his soldiers to serve as a safeguard against his enemies.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What does the sign represent for you?

Is it something you believe in or belong to?

Would you use it as a sign of yourself?

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