Invent Invention Inventor

Creative aspect of oneself; personal insights; the Self. Maybe a problem solving aspect.

 We each have what could also call it the inventor, organiser, and source of dream images. Jung called this centre the ‘Self’ and described it as the totality of the whole psyche, in order to distinguish it from the ‘ego,’ which constitutes only a small part of the total psyche. When this appears in our dreams it is usually a helping influence. But some dreams, not from the Self are often shown as an evil inventor – often seen in cartoons.

If you are born under the sign Gemini and identify with it, the inventor may apear in your dreams as an aspect of you that you are dealing with.

Our dream inventor can often give us useful avenues to heightened or creative thinking, presenting a technical or theoretical problem in a vivid form that the brain has been unable to conjure up during the day. Leonardo da Vinci, a fertile genius in both science and art, clearly recognised this when he asked, “Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” Our intuition can produce in our dreams the woman or man with new concepts, the innovator, the inventor.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the inventor and evil genius or a revelation of the new?

Has anything been invented or shown in my dream?

What theme of plot is in the dream?

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