Becoming invisible, or appearing out of nowhere suggests something emerging from the unconscious, being forgotten, or relating to the unconscious; or hidden influences – as when touching dimensions of experience states of consciousness usually unknown.

Most of the world around us is invisible, because our human eyes are only sensitive to 1% of visible light, and our ears only aware of 1% of sound. But we are sometimes aware of these ‘invisible’ things through subtle feelings or strange events. Because I knew, that when I left my body and stood in our sitting room in London, my dog saw me and barked, it gave me a clue to another event. (See Talking with the dead) It was Christmas Eve and I was walking with my dog Vince. A friend of my father saw me and invited me in for a drink. My dog, a rather calm and non-aggressive dog, was quietly standing by me until he looked up at the ceiling, a white painted corner without any noticeable characteristics, and started barking at the ceiling. This was so completely out of character that I wondered what he could see that I couldn’t. The man, when questioned, completely was unresponsive. But I believe my dog saw and responded to something invisible to me.

And have you not seen that religion is not only an acknowledgement of what is invisible to us and we fail to understand and yet depend upon, but it is also an opening to it, a willingness to relate to it? Can’t you see that your very existence is brought about by things so far beyond your knowledge that it is only a statement of your impoverishment to suggest an awareness of God is an expression of some sort of smallness and failure? Have you never understood that? It can also be something far more even than that. It can be an active loving relationship with the invisible and unknown that gives you life. And such love is an exchange, a sharing, and a way of merging one with another. Imagine that; a glorious love affair with the very spirit of life! A love affair with the invisible and forever indefinable. Is that something you are afraid of?”

In many cultures they are very aware of what is usually invisible, and open to it in rituals or trance states. For them and many others it is a very important part of their life, as religion is in many cultures.

Example: I want to share with you some of my experience here with foundis (kind of initiates in here is Mayotte – off coast of south east Africa). Last night, I was invited to a rumbu; it’s like a trance state and at the end you communicate with djinns. Very interesting, they have here a real place or idea for the invisible realm which exists (even in villages, ziara, where the invisible world lives).

Example: The first woman is an enormous fleshy torso, somehow raised so that her stomach is at the height of my head.  Her face and legs are invisible; I see only great mammalian breasts swelling and hanging from a broad body with rolls of subcutaneous fat.  Her vaginal lips are plainly double, her outer lips large and open, within which further lips frame a dark cavern, seductive and yet a place of unconsciousness, submission and re-entry into a primal state of non-being.  J.

Example: Satan attacked a woman. He was invisible. The woman turned black as he raped her. She didn’t die. At this point I woke and went to the toilet. On returning to bed I continued the dream, particularly wondering what I was in conflict with in the image of the Devil. I found it disturbing and frightening to be confronted by such a powerful opponent. Partly because of the rape, I realised it was held back sexuality. I then approached the ‘black’ woman with tenderness and this transformed the Devil into available energy, sexual or emotional. I tried this again and again. Each time it worked, and I could observe the connection between Satan and what I do with my sexuality. See Devil

Example: I cannot separate myself from the process of life. That process of death leaves behind shells, bodies, tree trunks, but it goes on creating other forms. That was exactly the message of the great mandala on the wall, where the invisible centre created all forms – forms which were then discarded, only to create more.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How did I become aware of the invisible in my dream?

Did the invisible have an influence of me or surroundings?

Was I frightened by the dream?

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