Anger; power of assertion and fierceness.

In its native country the jaguar is seen to have mystical powers. In other words the jaguar in our inner world and dreams has great power that can be used if one can meet the inner creature that you are. So it may represent sexual power, the ability to control or be controlled.

Therefore an animal associated in myth with the unconscious and the power of the Mother Goddess. Native people see the jaguar as a guide as they travel the inner world.

A dream jaguar can represent certain things such as speed. stealth, power, sleekness and a predator. If we see the puma has the same associations as the jaguar, the following shows how dreams show how such creatures inhabit our inner life.

Example: It was a large building, but my main impressions were of a huge – seven foot – butler type character who I immediately thought of as Lurch. He came apparently to assist me and lived or existed in the place. I noticed he had a huge knife stuck in his belt and I thought he might use it to attack me. This didn’t worry me too much, but I asked him why he had it. He told me there was a big Puma in the place that leapt on one and you had to guard against it. So he gave me a knife to do so.

We walked off to explore the building and the beautiful big Puma leapt on me. But at this point I knew that nothing could harm me in the dream state. So I caught hold of the Puma in my arms and held it. As I did so I saw it was the beautiful, powerful, female and wild untamed aspect of a woman I loved, and treated the she cat lovingly.

In exploring the dream the dreamer said, “As Lurch I am the Guardian of the Threshold, and I am the guide to what is beyond. My task is to produce fear in those who reach this place. For only those who can face fear can go beyond here safely. I also test the traveler, as I did with B. by giving him a knife. I attempted to frighten him by my appearance – half alive – and by carrying a knife, and also by telling him the puma would harm him. But he passed the test by loving the puma instead of killing it. To pass beyond here you need courage and love.

“As the puma I am life. I am love and the untamed expression of being alive, of feeling passion and love. I am both a test and an opportunity in B’s life. He was not afraid of me, and so I become his companion. I am a native of the America’s –  the inner world. I know this territory. I can survive here. It is what I do, what I know. I can hunt for you B, but I need something from you too. Take the lead and we will be of good to each other.

I am the influence of your woman in your being and in your direction. I am her energy and spirit playing upon you and within you. Together with the Guardian we can walk into new experiences to claim what is there for us. This was a beautiful experience, full of promise of a companionship that has real meaning – entering new territory of inner and outer life – and real companionship – out of having qualities to share that are complimentary to each other and important in what we are journeying to – and a love that has been tested. See Guardian of the Threshold


Useful Questions and Hints:

If I imagine myself as the jaguar, do I feel anger, power or fear?

Is it a male or female jaguar in my dream – and how does this link with me?

What is the jaguar doing or trying to do – and does this relate to any of my waking activities or feelings?

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