Jam Conserve

In a mess, a sticky situation. Conserved ideas. Fruits of labour. Pleasure, perhaps childhood pleasure or feelings. The sweetness of your life.

 Example: With Nan living in a monastery. Grounds and grounds were beautiful. I was feeling insecure within the relationship but could not know why. As I was walking through the grounds and I looked through a magazine and saw pictures of me, one holding a pot of jam. The article was about male chauvinism, and the jam represented my selfishness. I was so angry about it and where did they get the photos?

Here the jam is seen as selfishness, probably because he is pictured as holding it and maybe not sharing it.

Jam on my brakes: This can indicate a personal emergency that you need to be aware of. It might show a health problem, or saying you need to be careful in driving your car or yourself.

Log jams: If a river is bursting a log jam,it suggests blockages have been removed. It can indicate delays and confusion, and frustration, also feeling stuck with no way to turn. It is good to take time to look back at your life and reassess your life situation.

Traffic jam: This might link with many things depending on what you feel in the dream. Some possibilities are feelings of frustration about not reaching your goals; a life situation in which you are caught up in a public or communal activity or event and find it difficult to escape and go your own way and your own pace. This might also be an expression of feeling trapped by circumstances or other people. Or things in your life not flowing well with feelings of frustration, blocked emotions or finance.

Idioms: in a jam; in a terrible jam; jam packed; jam session; something jams; jam tart; jammed together; traffic jam

Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of jam is being described, can I define it?

Do you feel in some sort of jam in your life?

Or do you feel jammed up?

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